TGIF…i’m done w/ lab…TGIF

wow! i can trul­ly say that i have been hel­la busy the past two weeks. as you can tell from my entries, either they are non-sense or freakin’ vent­ing about some­thing. any­ways, today was my last lec­ture for that ics class. i also turned in my last lab—hopefully, i get enough points so i get at least b+ after the final =p

i went to funkanom­e­try’s anniver­sary par­ty (as well as kyle lin’s going-away) last night at tapas. yay… tapas for the thou­sandth time. well maybe not that much but you get the pic­ture if you went to all those sigep par­ties the past year. the par­ty was pret­ty cheap ($5) so i went w/ the homies. it was a pret­ty diverse crowd; most­ly irvine (kaba, sigep, and mod­ern peo­ple) and the rest pro­l­ly from the sur­round­ing cities. in some­way, it was kin­da fun­ny get­ting the feel­ing that the freakin’ par­ty looked like a scene from a janet or brit­ney video. peo­ple were just dressed-to-impress hiphop-wise. how­ev­er, i still don’t get those peo­ple that wear them ties—makes me feel under­dressed haha.

so yah, saw dif­fer­ent cliques of peo­ple as well as old mod­ern peeps (adri­an, obes, chris sali, orland, janet langer, lee­jay, arnel, and oth­ers). i pro­l­ly saw kel­ly jean for freakin’ like 5 seconds—good job invit­ing us and not even kickin’ it haha j/p. as you know, i real­ly can’t dri­ve my car that much because i might trade it in next month; the con­tract was for 60,000 miles. when i switched with my aunt last week, she told me that i have 1,500 miles to spare. how­ev­er, when i saw the odometer—it was 59k+ already, good job…and i still have that freakin’ ugly dent on the dri­ver’s side :\

any­ways, i picked up ryan and ed because ryan promised to get me a drink or two. and when we got there we got a long island which tast­ed more like iced tea. it was pro­l­ly because of the bar­tender, he was prob­a­bly pissed off because of jeff for being loud haha. so after twelve, jeff decid­ed to piss off the bar­tender more and worked his ass hard. he got a good amount of free drinks to his homies includ­ing muah; he got me a tokyo ice tea. oh man, what a bad idea if you’re DD. after the first sip, i tast­ed the alco­hol that should have been in the long island plus the tokyo’s—so that f0ked me up good in a chill­in’ way. we did­n’t leave till almost clos­ing, and ryan had to dri­ve my car to his pad. i pro­l­ly chilled over there till 3:30am. but any­ways, good times—$5 for a par­ty and a good buzz.

so, i’m sit­ting here in my room now chill­in’ for awhile. just surf­ing the web and try­ing to get more skills in dig­i­tal arts. also try­ing to get my bro’s band’s rhythmNatives.com all ready for their EP debut. in addi­tion, i have an idea that i want to sub­mit for sigep’s fall quar­ter rush shirt—we’ll see how that will look… since its due today doh =\ but any­ways, i’ll be chill­in’ this week­end and ear­ly next week before my final on wednes­day; so i’ll pro­l­ly be around help­ing peo­ple with stuff and study­ing some­what at the same time.

from my mind to yours… peace and bless­ings.

labor weekend

there comes a time every year when we have to cel­e­brate labor weekend—the first week­end of sep­tem­ber. its true that it is a week­end, but for the peo­ple tak­ing ics142 with me, it is just anoth­er day in the labs. yah, you can say that’s what we get for tak­ing sum­mer school; i agree. how­ev­er, i just don’t agree with the school shut­ting down its labs on the 31st till who-knows-when. that does­n’t give us enough time to do our lab project which is due on wednes­day. but oh well, i guess i can’t due lab today or tomor­row because there i can’t check and see if i’m on the right path. so to a relax­ing week­end, here i come.

mean­while, mon­day is just around the cor­ner as i am writ­ing this… mean­ing a full day to do lab when the servers do get back up—greeeaaaaatttt! before that comes, i’ll pro­l­ly roll with julie to drop of tony at LAX. he only took a 10 day break from the PBA, and to just chill with the homies here. as for julie, she is doing well with her first trimester. she still looks nor­mal but her tum­my is the right size for her preg­nan­cy; as the doc­tor told them.

on a side note, i went to “the range” with tony and ben­si yes­ter­day to hit some balls. i met with them at julie’s pad around 6:30pm. as i got there, i saw tony prac­tic­ing his swings with a golf glove on. yah, i clowned for being a wuss but man oh man… i found out the hard way. golf is a freakin’ phys­i­cal sport if you are a begin­ner. if you play base­ball, man—you can’t hit the ball for shit. ben­si was telling me that tech­nique is the key and not how hard you wack at the ball—it’s true. how­ev­er, for my first time, i think i did pret­ty well almost to half the balls flew and not to the side or the back. but as i was hit­ting after an hour. i start­ed to feel that my hand were get­ting blis­ters, and were sweal­ing up. i’m think­ing to myself, “what the… how the hell?” yah, so i just kept wack­ing at the ball and then it hap­pened, i gripped the han­dle to hard, and a lit­tle patch of skin on my left hand came off (about a cen­time­ter). after that night, i am tak­ing care of two and a half blis­ters on my left hand, and said to myself, “i’m going to wear a glove next time.”

i was still dumb­found­ed about how i got hurt play­ing golf—WTF?! so i’m going to lay off the range for a cou­ple of days/weeks till i get a glove to pro­tect my hands with. any­ways, i’m going to go home tonight to vis­it home-home, get food, do laun­dry, chill for a bit, and switch cars. i’m going to get my cam­ry back which has 58.5 thou­sand miles on it. we’ve been try­ing to not dri­ve that car so much because it needs to be near the lim­it of 60 thou­sand miles by jan­u­ary 27th. sooooooo yah, i can’t that far with that car any­more because we might trade it in or some­thing when jan­u­ary comes.

oh my gosh, it is sooooo freakin’ hot here in irvine. i checked the fore­cast for the next few days—and it is going to be 91+ degrees for the next two days, that is just out­ra­geous. any­ways, that’s the sum­mer time for you—HOT HOT HOT. WRITER’S BLOCK—i can’t think any­more of what to say for this entry but it is freakin’ hot in my room so i’m just going to go ahead and dri­ve home.

from my HOT mind to yours… peace and a klondike bar.

5 minute nap

wow, i slept ear­ly last night and all (pro­l­ly around 1:30–2am) think­ing that i will wake up and do my lab again in the morn­ing. so i set my alarm for 7:15am, and i hear it. think­ing that i’m good to go and get this day crackin’, stu­pid me decides to take a “5 minute” nap on my freakin’ bed. i swear, that bed feels like the clouds (the­o­ret­i­cal­ly speak­ing, ie. dur­ing a mind-alter­ing sub­stance’s effect) when you are tired…very very soft… very. so, please understand…“my body tired, my body weary…” i need­ed that extra 5 min­utes.

any­ways, if you have been fol­low­ing my entries for the past month or so, those “5 minute” naps are pret­ty dan­ger­ous to your health as a stu­dent try­ing to get up ear­ly to work on some shit. for exam­ple, let’s call a student…ummm…let’s see—JUAN. let’s say JUAN has a lab due on mon­day (and it was assigned last fri­day), he did start look­ing at it fri­day night but just got the basics of it down; what to input and out­put. sat­ur­day, JUAN goes to spanky’s (it’s a well known store in OC…all the chicks dig it) for a cou­ple of hours to do some catchin’ up on some cur­rent events hap­pen­ing on the… indus­try. so he does his read­ing, and goes back home to work on his code for a very LONG time. he gets shit to com­pile with his code, BUT just don’t know if he is doing things right or not, so he decides to sleep around mid­night and wake up again on sun­day to get back on top of things.

how­ev­er, it being or what not… JUAN (i just like to cap the let­ters because it gives the name sooooo much pow­er and pride, reminds me of a roo­mate) decides and says to him­self, “hey, f0k that…its a week­end. i’ma do this NON-CHALLANT styles.” he decides to take a long deserved break because of his hard work. all through the day he plays warcraft3 and lis­ten to some Slight­ly Stoopid musik, and frol­lic all over the sandy beach­es that OC has to offer.

mean­while, mid­night comes around and JUAN has­n’t even con­firmed with any of his class­mates of what has been doing for the lab is right or not. why is this? because ALL, yes—ALL of his class­mates don’t know what the hell they are doing in this class as well. so JUAN decides to call it a day and wake up ear­ly mon­day mornin’ around, let’s say 7:15am to do some code work.

and so he does…waking up in a jiffy with no prob­lem what so ever. but some­thing wrong hap­pened, EVIL EVIL voic­es in this head told him to take an extra “5 minute” nap because he deserves it. the con­se­quences of his actions was, not being able to fin­ish his lab com­plete­ly; this in return is con­nect­ed to the rea­son of him not being able to get his well deserved A+ for just going to that damn class day-in/­day-out (well…maybe most of the time). so he is PISSED, PISSED i tell you, at him­self because his lab was due at 3pm and he has a vital class that he likes going to (because he real­ly likes to learn from the pro­fes­sor’s lec­tures and stuff…yah) but is going to miss it all due to that freakin’ “5 minute” nap that he should­n’t have tak­en.

to make a long-semi-made-up sto­ry short, make sure that if you are going to take a “5 minute” nap to have options avail­able just in case you don’t get up in “5 minute[s].” options like hav­ing a friend’s old sam­ple quiz so you can review 15 min­utes before a cer­tain quiz—which real­ly helps if you have been stuck in lab-mode all freakin’ week and could­n’t under­stand the sim­pler notes-con­cepts. anoth­er option, is to have some­one call you—but this can be hard, you got­ta check if you get good recep­tion for you cell­phone; as well as make sure that the freakin’ bat­tery isn’t dead on your house PHONES—it hap­pens to the best of them.

i know peo­ple have more big prob­lems than JUAN or me, like: a car dying in the free­way for the sec­ond time and get­ting hit on the side of the road when you’re call­ing for help; or not hav­ing AIM express access at your work to relieve you of stress and pro­vide an out­let to vent on how your work real­ly sucks ass, as well as to make those eight hours pass by quick… but keep this in mind… “We live to fight anoth­er day.” and it is true, days go by so fast that you don’t real­ize what you have done or how you felt towards a friend for a stu­pid as prank. “Just don’t let the water run dry…” because when your time is up, you don’t want to pon­der if you ever lived every sin­gle day of your life pissed off at some­one, or want­ed to do some­thing but nev­er got around to doing it. bot­tom line—no more “5 MINUTE” naps haha. shieett…the art or writ­ing ran­dom­ness….

from my mind to yours… peace and i’ll see you at jevon’s bday dinner/party extrav­a­gan­za

edit (4:16am): *** place and time tak­en out due to whin­ers read­ing my blog and com­ment­ing about some­thing oth­er than…my blog…yes, shit hap­pens to the best of us. and some­thin’ struck me too, he was com­plain­ing more about some­thing oth­er than using parts of his name in some of my entries—hmmm weird peo­ple, he’s pro­l­ly from SD… =p —look it’s a smi­lie ***

is this the real-life, or is it just fantasy…

man-o-man… ever won­der if youre liv­ing a real life or just a fake illu­sion. it’s like search­ing for water in the dessert and you see a mirage of an oasis, you want it to be true but don’t real­ly know the con­se­quences after you take that first sip. well, that’s kind of my deep thought for today. but before i get start­ed on that… jon and i played a vicious and mean (MEAN I TELL YOU, MEAN) prank on some­one we look up to and admire—someone with a great his­to­ry of peo­ple-skills and all that good crapol­la… yah, to that per­son, we real­ly felt bad—but you have to admit (well… at least jon and i do) that it was fun­ny as hell and it made you laugh (some­what?! no?). so yah, peace broth­er peace.

any­ways, as to what the top­ic holds in its scopes. i’m sure most of us could say that we had an expe­ri­ence in life that we want­ed to real­ly hap­pen, and when it did—we did­n’t like what we saw or felt. we were too blind to look far enough to see the real­i­ty behind things and were cloud­ed with a grand illusion—something WE want­ed to see. it’s kin­da like that movie moment from Patch Adams were Robin Williams was talk­ing to a patient/friend of his…and con­vers­ing about some­thing that had to do with the shit i’m talkin’ bout. the old man holds up his hands, spreads out his fin­gers and tells patch to look and see at how many fin­gers he is hold­ing up. patch replies with a dumb­found­ed “five…” old man looks at him and tells him, you are not look­ing at the grand pic­ture (or some­thin’ like that…go rent it—its a great movie)… then tells patch to look beyond and patch sees it. to know what i’m talk­ing bout… hold up your hand to close enough to your face and spread out your fin­gers. you should be able to see five, but look­ing beyond your hand, you could actu­al­ly see more (if you don’t see it still, just freakin’ blur your vision and focus on the back­ground instead of your hands…).

mean­while, i’m writ­ing too much about this deep shit instead of just get­ting start­ed on the next pro­gram for my ics class. i guess i’ll say that i’m giv­ing back to the com­mu­ni­ty in some­way, so i hope this filled in the depth of those shal­low minds out there. well… i guess i’m gonna start on my cru­sade for the holy A+ that i’m hop­ing to get (which i don’t think any­one in this course will get) but hey, ASSUME FOR THE WORST BUT HOPE FOR THE BEST!

from my i‑did­n’t-sleep-till-7-this-morn­ing-and-woke-up-at-9am mind to yours… peace and look at the grand pic­ture.

ps. share some insights, thats what the com­ments link is for. don’t be just a reader—educate.

busy bee

i’m sooo busy this past week. things just came on top of each oth­er like your-own-hand-picked-mixed-ice-cream from Cold­stone. how­ev­er, i suc­ceed­ed in writ­ing all my pro­grams for ics142; only thing is, i don’t think i had enough time to study for the quiz this past wednesday—i guess i’ll be drop­ping that one.

as the week­end came, two birth­day’s being cel­e­brat­ed: my broth­er, glen’s, and tony’s—i don’t know why i hang around this guy, he flakes =p. him and julie just got back from the PI this thurs­day, and this guy calls me to hang out on fri­day after­noon after my class. i call him after the time he was sup­pose to call me only to find out from julie that he’s some­where else gallivanting…“bastard.” any­ways, hap­py birth­day tony and glen.

as for my ics class…damn it to hell. it’s almost done. i think we are in the fourth week now, so two more and a finals’ week to go. so when you see me online, just don’t go by your day work­ing or surfin’…say hi once in a while fools—i’m human too ^ ^

any­ways, its 4ish am and i need to get up ear­ly to code a lit­tle bit and go to lunch with my famil­ia for glen’s bday. we eat­ing seafood at redon­do pier. so yah, go check and sign up at the forums — http://forums.916xl.com!!!

from my mind to yours… 1+1+2 = 112?! …peace