5 minute nap

wow, i slept early last night and all (prolly around 1:30-2am) thinking that i will wake up and do my lab again in the morning. so i set my alarm for 7:15am, and i hear it. thinking that i’m good to go and get this day crackin’, stupid me decides to take a “5 minute” nap on my freakin’ bed. i swear, that bed feels like the clouds (theoretically speaking, ie. during a mind-altering substance’s effect) when you are tired…very very soft… very. so, please understand…”my body tired, my body weary…” i needed that extra 5 minutes.

anyways, if you have been following my entries for the past month or so, those “5 minute” naps are pretty dangerous to your health as a student trying to get up early to work on some shit. for example, let’s call a student…ummm…let’s see—JUAN. let’s say JUAN has a lab due on monday (and it was assigned last friday), he did start looking at it friday night but just got the basics of it down; what to input and output. saturday, JUAN goes to spanky’s (it’s a well known store in OC…all the chicks dig it) for a couple of hours to do some catchin’ up on some current events happening on the… industry. so he does his reading, and goes back home to work on his code for a very LONG time. he gets shit to compile with his code, BUT just don’t know if he is doing things right or not, so he decides to sleep around midnight and wake up again on sunday to get back on top of things.

however, it being or what not… JUAN (i just like to cap the letters because it gives the name sooooo much power and pride, reminds me of a roomate) decides and says to himself, “hey, f0k that…its a weekend. i’ma do this NON-CHALLANT styles.” he decides to take a long deserved break because of his hard work. all through the day he plays warcraft3 and listen to some Slightly Stoopid musik, and frollic all over the sandy beaches that OC has to offer.

meanwhile, midnight comes around and JUAN hasn’t even confirmed with any of his classmates of what has been doing for the lab is right or not. why is this? because ALL, yes—ALL of his classmates don’t know what the hell they are doing in this class as well. so JUAN decides to call it a day and wake up early monday mornin’ around, let’s say 7:15am to do some code work.

and so he does…waking up in a jiffy with no problem what so ever. but something wrong happened, EVIL EVIL voices in this head told him to take an extra “5 minute” nap because he deserves it. the consequences of his actions was, not being able to finish his lab completely; this in return is connected to the reason of him not being able to get his well deserved A+ for just going to that damn class day-in/day-out (well…maybe most of the time). so he is PISSED, PISSED i tell you, at himself because his lab was due at 3pm and he has a vital class that he likes going to (because he really likes to learn from the professor’s lectures and stuff…yah) but is going to miss it all due to that freakin’ “5 minute” nap that he shouldn’t have taken.

to make a long-semi-made-up story short, make sure that if you are going to take a “5 minute” nap to have options available just in case you don’t get up in “5 minute[s].” options like having a friend’s old sample quiz so you can review 15 minutes before a certain quiz—which really helps if you have been stuck in lab-mode all freakin’ week and couldn’t understand the simpler notes-concepts. another option, is to have someone call you—but this can be hard, you gotta check if you get good reception for you cellphone; as well as make sure that the freakin’ battery isn’t dead on your house PHONES—it happens to the best of them.

i know people have more big problems than JUAN or me, like: a car dying in the freeway for the second time and getting hit on the side of the road when you’re calling for help; or not having AIM express access at your work to relieve you of stress and provide an outlet to vent on how your work really sucks ass, as well as to make those eight hours pass by quick… but keep this in mind… “We live to fight another day.” and it is true, days go by so fast that you don’t realize what you have done or how you felt towards a friend for a stupid as prank. “Just don’t let the water run dry…” because when your time is up, you don’t want to ponder if you ever lived every single day of your life pissed off at someone, or wanted to do something but never got around to doing it. bottom line—no more “5 MINUTE” naps haha. shieett…the art or writing randomness….

from my mind to yours… peace and i’ll see you at jevon’s bday dinner/party extravaganza

edit (4:16am): *** place and time taken out due to whiners reading my blog and commenting about something other than…my blog…yes, shit happens to the best of us. and somethin’ struck me too, he was complaining more about something other than using parts of his name in some of my entries—hmmm weird people, he’s prolly from SD… =p <—look it's a smilie ***