is this the real-life, or is it just fantasy…

man-o-man… ever wonder if youre living a real life or just a fake illusion. it’s like searching for water in the dessert and you see a mirage of an oasis, you want it to be true but don’t really know the consequences after you take that first sip. well, that’s kind of my deep thought for today. but before i get started on that… jon and i played a vicious and mean (MEAN I TELL YOU, MEAN) prank on someone we look up to and admire—someone with a great history of people-skills and all that good crapolla… yah, to that person, we really felt bad—but you have to admit (well… at least jon and i do) that it was funny as hell and it made you laugh (somewhat?! no?). so yah, peace brother peace.

anyways, as to what the topic holds in its scopes. i’m sure most of us could say that we had an experience in life that we wanted to really happen, and when it did—we didn’t like what we saw or felt. we were too blind to look far enough to see the reality behind things and were clouded with a grand illusion—something WE wanted to see. it’s kinda like that movie moment from Patch Adams were Robin Williams was talking to a patient/friend of his…and conversing about something that had to do with the shit i’m talkin’ bout. the old man holds up his hands, spreads out his fingers and tells patch to look and see at how many fingers he is holding up. patch replies with a dumbfounded “five…” old man looks at him and tells him, you are not looking at the grand picture (or somethin’ like that…go rent it—its a great movie)… then tells patch to look beyond and patch sees it. to know what i’m talking bout… hold up your hand to close enough to your face and spread out your fingers. you should be able to see five, but looking beyond your hand, you could actually see more (if you don’t see it still, just freakin’ blur your vision and focus on the background instead of your hands…).

meanwhile, i’m writing too much about this deep shit instead of just getting started on the next program for my ics class. i guess i’ll say that i’m giving back to the community in someway, so i hope this filled in the depth of those shallow minds out there. well… i guess i’m gonna start on my crusade for the holy A+ that i’m hoping to get (which i don’t think anyone in this course will get) but hey, ASSUME FOR THE WORST BUT HOPE FOR THE BEST!

from my i-didn’t-sleep-till-7-this-morning-and-woke-up-at-9am mind to yours… peace and look at the grand picture.

ps. share some insights, thats what the comments link is for. don’t be just a reader—educate.