TGIF…i’m done w/ lab…TGIF

wow! i can trully say that i have been hella busy the past two weeks. as you can tell from my entries, either they are non-sense or freakin’ venting about something. anyways, today was my last lecture for that ics class. i also turned in my last lab—hopefully, i get enough points so i get at least b+ after the final =p

i went to funkanometry’s anniversary party (as well as kyle lin’s going-away) last night at tapas. yay… tapas for the thousandth time. well maybe not that much but you get the picture if you went to all those sigep parties the past year. the party was pretty cheap ($5) so i went w/ the homies. it was a pretty diverse crowd; mostly irvine (kaba, sigep, and modern people) and the rest prolly from the surrounding cities. in someway, it was kinda funny getting the feeling that the freakin’ party looked like a scene from a janet or britney video. people were just dressed-to-impress hiphop-wise. however, i still don’t get those people that wear them ties—makes me feel underdressed haha.

so yah, saw different cliques of people as well as old modern peeps (adrian, obes, chris sali, orland, janet langer, leejay, arnel, and others). i prolly saw kelly jean for freakin’ like 5 seconds—good job inviting us and not even kickin’ it haha j/p. as you know, i really can’t drive my car that much because i might trade it in next month; the contract was for 60,000 miles. when i switched with my aunt last week, she told me that i have 1,500 miles to spare. however, when i saw the odometer—it was 59k+ already, good job…and i still have that freakin’ ugly dent on the driver’s side :\

anyways, i picked up ryan and ed because ryan promised to get me a drink or two. and when we got there we got a long island which tasted more like iced tea. it was prolly because of the bartender, he was probably pissed off because of jeff for being loud haha. so after twelve, jeff decided to piss off the bartender more and worked his ass hard. he got a good amount of free drinks to his homies including muah; he got me a tokyo ice tea. oh man, what a bad idea if you’re DD. after the first sip, i tasted the alcohol that should have been in the long island plus the tokyo’s—so that f0ked me up good in a chillin’ way. we didn’t leave till almost closing, and ryan had to drive my car to his pad. i prolly chilled over there till 3:30am. but anyways, good times—$5 for a party and a good buzz.

so, i’m sitting here in my room now chillin’ for awhile. just surfing the web and trying to get more skills in digital arts. also trying to get my bro’s band’s all ready for their EP debut. in addition, i have an idea that i want to submit for sigep’s fall quarter rush shirt—we’ll see how that will look… since its due today doh =\ but anyways, i’ll be chillin’ this weekend and early next week before my final on wednesday; so i’ll prolly be around helping people with stuff and studying somewhat at the same time.

from my mind to yours… peace and blessings.