busy bee

i’m sooo busy this past week. things just came on top of each other like your-own-hand-picked-mixed-ice-cream from Coldstone. however, i succeeded in writing all my programs for ics142; only thing is, i don’t think i had enough time to study for the quiz this past wednesday—i guess i’ll be dropping that one.

as the weekend came, two birthday’s being celebrated: my brother, glen’s, and tony’s—i don’t know why i hang around this guy, he flakes =p. him and julie just got back from the PI this thursday, and this guy calls me to hang out on friday afternoon after my class. i call him after the time he was suppose to call me only to find out from julie that he’s somewhere else gallivanting…”bastard.” anyways, happy birthday tony and glen.

as for my ics class…damn it to hell. it’s almost done. i think we are in the fourth week now, so two more and a finals’ week to go. so when you see me online, just don’t go by your day working or surfin’…say hi once in a while fools—i’m human too ^ ^

anyways, its 4ish am and i need to get up early to code a little bit and go to lunch with my familia for glen’s bday. we eating seafood at redondo pier. so yah, go check and sign up at the forums — http://forums.916xl.com!!!

from my mind to yours… 1+1+2 = 112?! …peace