Woah… My Tuesday During the Summer

sherwin@THIS-CLASS-IS-HELL% gmake parser
bison -d declare.y; /bin/mv declare.tab.c declare.tab.cc
declare.y contains 1 shift/reduce conflict.
g++ -c -g declare.tab.cc
flex -it scanner.l > scanner.cc
g++ -c -g scanner.cc
g++ -c main.cc -o main.o
g++ -c symtab.cc -o symtab.o
g++ -g declare.tab.o scanner.o main.o symtab.o -o parser
sherwin@THIS-CLASS-IS-HELL% f0k f0k f0k
syntax error "f0k f0k f0k"
sherwin@THIS-CLASS-IS-HELL% well f0k you t00

And how was your Tues­day spent? Drop a com­ment or some­thin’…

From my burnt mind to yours… f0k Lab. Peace.

somebody got the case of the… mondays…

f0k…a new week a new hope to start shit up clean. yup, i got up at 9am today after sleep­ing at 4am try­ing to fin­ish my damn lab. i got up to 85% of doing the whole thing. man, i don’t know how them ics peo­ple could do this shit 24/7. i just don’t see myself sit­ting down and star­ing at the com­put­er try­ing to make out with my one true love—programming…yuk :\ so for them pro­gram­mers, i give them props for stay­ing in there and mak­ing bank 24/7/365. just don’t be greedy and shit with your pro­gram prices or else… the “hack­ers of the world” will unite and getcha.

any­ways, i got up at 9am think­ing, “daaaamn, i’m up…” turned off my stereo alarm, tried to fold my com­forter and make my bed. then it hit me, “my bed is damn soft… must not lie down on bed… NOOOOOoooooooo!” …mean­while in the bat cave, time has been stopped as sher­win takes a “5 minute nap”… now, back to our reg­u­lar­ly sched­uled pro­gram. an hour lat­er, yah… i got ready to go to school since i was to study for a quiz with some class­mates.

after mak­ing my right from har­vard to bridge… i was think­ing to myself, “man, there has to be parking—it’s hel­la ear­ly.” WTF! what the hell… there’s no park­ing on the street across dart­mouth. so i searched the apart­ment com­plex for them “24-hour-guest” stalls. low and behold—i saw the light after 30 min­utes. there it was in bright (scratch that—dirty) white paint, it was the “24 Hour Guest” park­ing; YES! *does kirk gib­son one-hand­ed limp­ing pump*

so fast-for­ward­ing towards the after­noon (4ish pm), i went to take a pow­er nap (hour max) and woke up (5ish pm); and start­ed doing my oth­er lab—WTF! i hate the way this teacher on the way he is treat­ing stu­den­t’s “sum­mer” school expe­ri­ence. well, enough of the blab­bit­ty-blah… here’s a group that G told me about—Young­blood Brass Band. go and check em out… they sound dif­fer­ent, you’ll like em if you need to expand your taste of music.

from my mind to yours… peace and phat tues­day.


sun­day morn­ing wow. not too damn hot. i was pret­ty sur­prised by this damn weath­er we are hav­ing all this week—it was pret­ty cool and breezy. well, i cooked ramen for G and i since we poo’ and can’t even afford the damn “r”. i did my mas­ter­piece 2 maruchan ramen w/ egg soufle’aljdlf;adfjajdf (how­ev­er you spell it) sprin­kled with pep­per. so that filled me up and freakin’ knocked me into food coma land.

i was sup­pose to go to lab hel­la ear­ly today to fin­ish up my ics lab thats due tomor­row. but oh well, “all is fair in [food] and war”…as some smart ass said. too back that up, i remem­ber an ancient chi­nese say­ing, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”. well, yah…

so i semi-fin­ished the lab and went back home after 6pm because they close the damn ics labs at that time on sun­days. on the way home, i went to drop off “Res­i­dent Evil” and “Metrop­o­lis” DVDs G and i rent­ed from hol­ly­wood videos. Res­i­dent Evil was a damn jumpy movie. G and i were freakin’ like, “oh shit!” most the time…haha. so we gave it two thumbs up because we got scared. Metrop­o­lis, good sto­ry about humanity…go and watch it.

so, there’s this new game called chess…yah, not just any ordi­nary chess—yahoo! games chess—umph. it all start­ed when keno asked me to play online when he was at work bored…as usu­al. so yah, go play that with a friend; it works your mind as well as talk shit to each oth­er while play­ing online. “and that my friend…is a shared moment.”

from my mind to yours… peace.

its a saturday…a saturday

wow… i final­ly got back to this blog thing. any­ways, as a pre-blog rit­u­al (i guess) i woke up at noon +/- an hour…i think i shut off my alarm and went back to sleep for “5 min­utes”. i swear, who­ev­er made my bed is evil =p

yah, so i woke up, and just start­ed cod­ing again cause of ics142. damn class got no breaks between labs—i swear, its 25/8 or sometin’. so after cod­ing for a few good hours… G, jon and i went to get some lunch at the “default lunch place across the street”—COSTCO!!! $1.50 for a hot dog a 16oz. refill­able drink—how can you go wrong?! well, before get­ting our hot­dogs, we did our rounds. we looked up and help our econ­o­my by try­ing new con­sumer goods that are out in the mar­ket. there was corn beef, ket­tle chips, chi­nese rice thing, wheat bread w/ bologna (pro­l­ly went back to that table at least 2 times), and good ole’ dumplings on soy sauce. so after get­ting full of our FREE appe­tiz­ers, he head on down to the stand and got our ‘dogs. YUMMY =p

well, after that… my day was pret­ty much blurred. lab here, chat there, tv over­there, wendy’s lat­er on…etc. its was a chill­in’ but not so chill­in’ sat­ur­day. but hey, why should i com­plain when i have so lit­tle mon­ey now and just found out from my broth­er that my mom and aunt went to vegas with­out telling me—greaaatttt. well, yah…that’s pret­ty much about it… i’m get­ting sleepy so…

peace and korn­bread.

ps. for those out of town, get home safe. for those in town, call me up and we’ll go to cost­co =p

o.j. and pepto

wow wow wow… lot’s of things today. i did a lot of sleep­ing first of all. after writ­ing that pre­vi­ous blog, i took that SavOn nyquil-like cold med­i­cine and went to bed. i slept very com­fort­able and did­n’t even think about get­ting up to pee or emp­ty out my sinus­es. so say­ing this, i woke up nat­u­ral­ly to the sun­rise and the hot air outside—actually it was to the freakin’ hel­la loud music of Nel­ly — Hot In Here on mtv (damn jevon’s work out reg­i­ment). any­ways, i rolled of my bed and looked at the clock on my aiwa stereo and it was right there, on big green lcd lights…4:00 PMSHIIEEET! that was about ten hours of freakin’ doing a lot of things :\

mean­while, some­one (cough*lil*cough) AIMs me right when i got on my comp. freakin’ scared the hell out of me because i for­got my stereo was on full blast. the first thing she says is, “ready to eat!!”…followed by a sin­is­ter “hehe.” i was like who? wha? stalk­er? (j/k) then, i real­ized it was her talk­ing bout beni’s lat­er on the after­noon. man, that would be the life though… think of it ladies and gents… wak­ing up, and the very first thing you hear is, “ready to eat?” imag­ine how your life would be get­tin’ up in the morn­ing (or after­noon like me) and see­ing that food was pre­pared for you already—wow!

any­ways, jevon and i went to beni’s dressed for­mal­ly (cause we got­ta be sigep-n-so-clean…recognize!). when we arrived there, them foos where drunk already. well, at least my friend chris…he’s light­weight like i am—so props to that guy for spend­ing $2 on a saki bomb and being set for the day. the sushi hand rolls were awe­some. jevon and i ordered 2 shrimp tem­puras, 2 unagis, and a salmon; 3 for him and 2 for me, plus miso soup (sooor­rry for get­ting the wrong soup for a cold…as to my under­stand­ing from lil haha). any­ways, i asked jevon if he want­ed a saki bomb, on me… he replied w/ a neg­a­ti­vo and that he’s try­ing to watch his self because he has to go to hawaii in two weeks look­ing buff-n-stuff. i said, “man, you her­cules!” okay…so the last two sen­tences were made up in my head just right now; but he is going to hawaii. after all the saki bomb that lil and her friends had, lil­ly was the win­ner being the most drunk and wins a DD for the night.

what else… i picked up, bor­rowed, a video card from my friend per­di­do (last name) so i can play some games with bet­ter visuals—sorry folks, geek talk com­ing. yup, it was a geforce2 mx400 32mb. in eng­lish, it’s like vics vapor rub when you have a cold—it just makes it a lit­tle bet­ter for a tem­po­rary amount of time. speak­ing of cold, i’m get­tin’ bet­ter. my breath­ing is more at ease due to the cold-eeze and the SavOn nyquil-like cold med­i­cine that i have been tak­ing. so hope­ful­ly i’m at full bars come the week­end for ed’s grad par­ty and stuff down in SD.

My godson, Xavier.

on the flip side, i talked to fari­da on AIM. she’s back in freemont w/ my god­son Xavier from the PI. that was cool hear­ing they got back from a safe flight and stuff. a lit­tle bad news though… it rained when they were there so they did­n’t get to par­ty too much. ’cause you know, my two and a half year old god­son likes to par­ty with them freaks at the “dis­cos” over there, and hook up 🙂 i called them “dis­cos” because peo­ple over there call the strip clubs—“clubs”. that’s a lit­tle cul­ture knowl­edge for ya today. speak­ing of X, i heard he got three mos­qui­to bites 🙁 i just got­ta say, he pro­l­ly taste just like his godfather—“sweet like hon­ey” haha…no?! 🙂

but yah, that’s pret­ty much…WAIT! there was some more hap­pen­ings for tonight. john­john and i went to taco bell and mikiD’s across the street. cruisin’ at the park­ing lot, we saw these girls hav­ing fun for some rea­son. as we got closer…we start­ed crackin’ up. these were freakin’ OC tee­nie-bop­pers danc­ing to the music play­ing from one of their friends’ ford truck. it was hillar­i­ous, we coul­da sworn they were there because its: 1) OC, 2) there’s noth­ing to do in irvine at 10pm, and 3) they were under­age and their guy friends stood them up to go to the spec­trum (because they were pro­l­ly busy skat­ing at uci cam­pus or play­ing games at local inter­net cafes). so that was a “you have to be there” fun­ny event of the night.

…and yah, that’s pret­ty much about it; and the fact that this orange juice tastes like pep­to bis­mol after i brushed my teeth—yuk! i nev­er learn. till then my friends. nC.