its a saturday…a saturday

wow… i finally got back to this blog thing. anyways, as a pre-blog ritual (i guess) i woke up at noon +/- an hour…i think i shut off my alarm and went back to sleep for “5 minutes”. i swear, whoever made my bed is evil =p

yah, so i woke up, and just started coding again cause of ics142. damn class got no breaks between labs—i swear, its 25/8 or sometin’. so after coding for a few good hours… G, jon and i went to get some lunch at the “default lunch place across the street”—COSTCO!!! $1.50 for a hot dog a 16oz. refillable drink—how can you go wrong?! well, before getting our hotdogs, we did our rounds. we looked up and help our economy by trying new consumer goods that are out in the market. there was corn beef, kettle chips, chinese rice thing, wheat bread w/ bologna (prolly went back to that table at least 2 times), and good ole’ dumplings on soy sauce. so after getting full of our FREE appetizers, he head on down to the stand and got our ‘dogs. YUMMY =p

well, after that… my day was pretty much blurred. lab here, chat there, tv overthere, wendy’s later on…etc. its was a chillin’ but not so chillin’ saturday. but hey, why should i complain when i have so little money now and just found out from my brother that my mom and aunt went to vegas without telling me—greaaatttt. well, yah…that’s pretty much about it… i’m getting sleepy so…

peace and kornbread.

ps. for those out of town, get home safe. for those in town, call me up and we’ll go to costco =p