sunday morning wow. not too damn hot. i was pretty surprised by this damn weather we are having all this week—it was pretty cool and breezy. well, i cooked ramen for G and i since we poo’ and can’t even afford the damn “r”. i did my masterpiece 2 maruchan ramen w/ egg soufle’aljdlf;adfjajdf (however you spell it) sprinkled with pepper. so that filled me up and freakin’ knocked me into food coma land.

i was suppose to go to lab hella early today to finish up my ics lab thats due tomorrow. but oh well, “all is fair in [food] and war”…as some smart ass said. too back that up, i remember an ancient chinese saying, “NO SOUP FOR YOU!”. well, yah…

so i semi-finished the lab and went back home after 6pm because they close the damn ics labs at that time on sundays. on the way home, i went to drop off “Resident Evil” and “Metropolis” DVDs G and i rented from hollywood videos. Resident Evil was a damn jumpy movie. G and i were freakin’ like, “oh shit!” most the time…haha. so we gave it two thumbs up because we got scared. Metropolis, good story about humanity…go and watch it.

so, there’s this new game called chess…yah, not just any ordinary chess—yahoo! games chess—umph. it all started when keno asked me to play online when he was at work bored…as usual. so yah, go play that with a friend; it works your mind as well as talk shit to each other while playing online. “and that my friend…is a shared moment.”

from my mind to yours… peace.