somebody got the case of the… mondays…

f0k…a new week a new hope to start shit up clean. yup, i got up at 9am today after sleeping at 4am trying to finish my damn lab. i got up to 85% of doing the whole thing. man, i don’t know how them ics people could do this shit 24/7. i just don’t see myself sitting down and staring at the computer trying to make out with my one true love—programming…yuk :\ so for them programmers, i give them props for staying in there and making bank 24/7/365. just don’t be greedy and shit with your program prices or else… the “hackers of the world” will unite and getcha.

anyways, i got up at 9am thinking, “daaaamn, i’m up…” turned off my stereo alarm, tried to fold my comforter and make my bed. then it hit me, “my bed is damn soft… must not lie down on bed… NOOOOOoooooooo!” …meanwhile in the bat cave, time has been stopped as sherwin takes a “5 minute nap”… now, back to our regularly scheduled program. an hour later, yah… i got ready to go to school since i was to study for a quiz with some classmates.

after making my right from harvard to bridge… i was thinking to myself, “man, there has to be parking—it’s hella early.” WTF! what the hell… there’s no parking on the street across dartmouth. so i searched the apartment complex for them “24-hour-guest” stalls. low and behold—i saw the light after 30 minutes. there it was in bright (scratch that—dirty) white paint, it was the “24 Hour Guest” parking; YES! *does kirk gibson one-handed limping pump*

so fast-forwarding towards the afternoon (4ish pm), i went to take a power nap (hour max) and woke up (5ish pm); and started doing my other lab—WTF! i hate the way this teacher on the way he is treating student’s “summer” school experience. well, enough of the blabbitty-blah… here’s a group that G told me about—Youngblood Brass Band. go and check em out… they sound different, you’ll like em if you need to expand your taste of music.

from my mind to yours… peace and phat tuesday.