o.j. and pepto

wow wow wow… lot’s of things today. i did a lot of sleeping first of all. after writing that previous blog, i took that SavOn nyquil-like cold medicine and went to bed. i slept very comfortable and didn’t even think about getting up to pee or empty out my sinuses. so saying this, i woke up naturally to the sunrise and the hot air outside—actually it was to the freakin’ hella loud music of Nelly – Hot In Here on mtv (damn jevon’s work out regiment). anyways, i rolled of my bed and looked at the clock on my aiwa stereo and it was right there, on big green lcd lights…4:00 PM—SHIIEEET! that was about ten hours of freakin’ doing a lot of things :\

meanwhile, someone (cough*lil*cough) AIMs me right when i got on my comp. freakin’ scared the hell out of me because i forgot my stereo was on full blast. the first thing she says is, “ready to eat!!”…followed by a sinister “hehe.” i was like who? wha? stalker? (j/k) then, i realized it was her talking bout beni’s later on the afternoon. man, that would be the life though… think of it ladies and gents… waking up, and the very first thing you hear is, “ready to eat?” imagine how your life would be gettin’ up in the morning (or afternoon like me) and seeing that food was prepared for you already—wow!

anyways, jevon and i went to beni’s dressed formally (cause we gotta be sigep-n-so-clean…recognize!). when we arrived there, them foos where drunk already. well, at least my friend chris…he’s lightweight like i am—so props to that guy for spending $2 on a saki bomb and being set for the day. the sushi hand rolls were awesome. jevon and i ordered 2 shrimp tempuras, 2 unagis, and a salmon; 3 for him and 2 for me, plus miso soup (sooorrry for getting the wrong soup for a cold…as to my understanding from lil haha). anyways, i asked jevon if he wanted a saki bomb, on me… he replied w/ a negativo and that he’s trying to watch his self because he has to go to hawaii in two weeks looking buff-n-stuff. i said, “man, you hercules!” okay…so the last two sentences were made up in my head just right now; but he is going to hawaii. after all the saki bomb that lil and her friends had, lilly was the winner being the most drunk and wins a DD for the night.

what else… i picked up, borrowed, a video card from my friend perdido (last name) so i can play some games with better visuals—sorry folks, geek talk coming. yup, it was a geforce2 mx400 32mb. in english, it’s like vics vapor rub when you have a cold—it just makes it a little better for a temporary amount of time. speaking of cold, i’m gettin’ better. my breathing is more at ease due to the cold-eeze and the SavOn nyquil-like cold medicine that i have been taking. so hopefully i’m at full bars come the weekend for ed’s grad party and stuff down in SD.

My godson, Xavier.

on the flip side, i talked to farida on AIM. she’s back in freemont w/ my godson Xavier from the PI. that was cool hearing they got back from a safe flight and stuff. a little bad news though… it rained when they were there so they didn’t get to party too much. ’cause you know, my two and a half year old godson likes to party with them freaks at the “discos” over there, and hook up ๐Ÿ™‚ i called them “discos” because people over there call the strip clubs—”clubs”. that’s a little culture knowledge for ya today. speaking of X, i heard he got three mosquito bites ๐Ÿ™ i just gotta say, he prolly taste just like his godfather—”sweet like honey” haha…no?! ๐Ÿ™‚

but yah, that’s pretty much…WAIT! there was some more happenings for tonight. johnjohn and i went to taco bell and mikiD’s across the street. cruisin’ at the parking lot, we saw these girls having fun for some reason. as we got closer…we started crackin’ up. these were freakin’ OC teenie-boppers dancing to the music playing from one of their friends’ ford truck. it was hillarious, we coulda sworn they were there because its: 1) OC, 2) there’s nothing to do in irvine at 10pm, and 3) they were underage and their guy friends stood them up to go to the spectrum (because they were prolly busy skating at uci campus or playing games at local internet cafes). so that was a “you have to be there” funny event of the night.

…and yah, that’s pretty much about it; and the fact that this orange juice tastes like pepto bismol after i brushed my teeth—yuk! i never learn. till then my friends. nC.