labor weekend

there comes a time every year when we have to celebrate labor weekend—the first weekend of september. its true that it is a weekend, but for the people taking ics142 with me, it is just another day in the labs. yah, you can say that’s what we get for taking summer school; i agree. however, i just don’t agree with the school shutting down its labs on the 31st till who-knows-when. that doesn’t give us enough time to do our lab project which is due on wednesday. but oh well, i guess i can’t due lab today or tomorrow because there i can’t check and see if i’m on the right path. so to a relaxing weekend, here i come.

meanwhile, monday is just around the corner as i am writing this… meaning a full day to do lab when the servers do get back up—greeeaaaaatttt! before that comes, i’ll prolly roll with julie to drop of tony at LAX. he only took a 10 day break from the PBA, and to just chill with the homies here. as for julie, she is doing well with her first trimester. she still looks normal but her tummy is the right size for her pregnancy; as the doctor told them.

on a side note, i went to “the range” with tony and bensi yesterday to hit some balls. i met with them at julie’s pad around 6:30pm. as i got there, i saw tony practicing his swings with a golf glove on. yah, i clowned for being a wuss but man oh man… i found out the hard way. golf is a freakin’ physical sport if you are a beginner. if you play baseball, man—you can’t hit the ball for shit. bensi was telling me that technique is the key and not how hard you wack at the ball—it’s true. however, for my first time, i think i did pretty well almost to half the balls flew and not to the side or the back. but as i was hitting after an hour. i started to feel that my hand were getting blisters, and were swealing up. i’m thinking to myself, “what the… how the hell?” yah, so i just kept wacking at the ball and then it happened, i gripped the handle to hard, and a little patch of skin on my left hand came off (about a centimeter). after that night, i am taking care of two and a half blisters on my left hand, and said to myself, “i’m going to wear a glove next time.”

i was still dumbfounded about how i got hurt playing golf—WTF?! so i’m going to lay off the range for a couple of days/weeks till i get a glove to protect my hands with. anyways, i’m going to go home tonight to visit home-home, get food, do laundry, chill for a bit, and switch cars. i’m going to get my camry back which has 58.5 thousand miles on it. we’ve been trying to not drive that car so much because it needs to be near the limit of 60 thousand miles by january 27th. sooooooo yah, i can’t that far with that car anymore because we might trade it in or something when january comes.

oh my gosh, it is sooooo freakin’ hot here in irvine. i checked the forecast for the next few days—and it is going to be 91+ degrees for the next two days, that is just outrageous. anyways, that’s the summer time for you—HOT HOT HOT. WRITER’S BLOCK—i can’t think anymore of what to say for this entry but it is freakin’ hot in my room so i’m just going to go ahead and drive home.

from my HOT mind to yours… peace and a klondike bar.