On Thoughts

oh no! the water

so i woke up ear­ly today due to me hav­ing to get and blow my nose off. i went to the bath­room, blew my nose and made pee. after wet­ting my hands and putting soap (dial btw) on it, the faucet stopped work­ing. so i checked the bath­tub’s too and that did­n’t work. so i then went to the main bath­room (john­john’s, jon’s, and keno’s) and theirs did­n’t give me a sin­gle drop as well. so, need­ing to get my hands rid off the soap… i went to the kitchen. YES, you know it… see­ing a clean but wet bowl filled with CLEAN water… i just dipped my hands in there and washed the soap off—BOYSCOUT stylez bay­bee!!!. i smelled it after­wards, and it was like wash­ing my hands regularly—i lucked out this time.

so… that was my adven­ture, so far, in the day. how about you?

amazing fact or fiction

wow! today was real­ly an awak­en­ing. i’ve been walk­ing and seek­ing for knowl­edge for 23 years on this earth, and fuck­ing peo­ple think they hel­la know the “me”. well, you’re in for a big sur­prise! peo­ple grow, peo­ple go, …shit, keep that in mind. if some­things just don’t add up, please don’t make an assump­tion in know­ing the whole truth… because all you get is bull­shit and the crack addict on the street ask­ing for more of it. don’t make an ASS-of-U-and-ME, because i have bet­ter and pos­i­tive things to do with my time. it’s like some­one hand­ing me a bro­ken watch, and telling me to fix it when they for­get to put bat­ter­ies in. WTF.

yah, i sec­ond that knowl­edge is gained through self-expe­ri­ence but as well as from oth­ers; but some peo­ple just are plain dumb. DUMB, as the kid who waits for the apple to fall from the tree rather than work­ing hard to climb and get it. so, the next time you think of putting some­one on a pedestal of grief and teas­ing them of how intel­lec­tu­al and com­plete of knowl­edge you are… make sure you look beneath your feet. because the bal­loon that your head is tied to might take you too high in the sky and pop; bring­ing you speed­ing down to a con­crete full of facts and evi­dence.

love, hat­ed but nev­er ignored…

sher­win techico

a new haircut

after wak­ing up at 11am for some rea­son, i closed my eyes for “5 min­utes” to find myself get­ting up at 3:30pm—DAMN IT! what was i thinking?!…i missed so many good shows on com­e­dy cen­tral and the car­toon net­work.

any­ways, i did a lot of back­ing up today…my freakin’ hard­drive was get­ting full—i have way too much damn mp3s on this motha. i also went to iron­bark to get me a new so-fresh-and-so-clean hair­cut by my once-in-every-4-weeks bar­ber, dean. it was freakin’ even! we both agreed that it was the most even­est cut he have giv­en me for over 2.5 years i’ve been get­tin’ fades from him… so props to that. dap dap.

mean­while, dis­cussing on what to do on this fri­day night… they planned and went to her­mosa beach to go bar hop­ping. i was about to go, but my pock­ets held me back…well, it was more of me not being inclined to drink tonight—not like i drink more than “one drink” any­ways. but yah…i just kicked it in the apart­ment. think­ing that i was the only one left in the apart­ment, keno shows up. so we just decid­ed to watch MIB 2 at 11:45pm because noth­in’ good was on TV. i would pay with­in the “mati­nee and full” price to go see that movie; maybe because i was tired after dri­ving to the block…but rosario daw­son was look­ing HOT. so, if you’ve liked MIB 1, go see #2.

ps. i got more ideas to add to 916xl.com and my site as well…they com­ing soon.

TGIF… she was HOT

man…its fri­day already. hmmm…let’s see, played ball w/ the fel­las at spring­brook park. we kin­da start­ed late due to peo­ple hav­ing work—that sucked. on the oth­er hand, we only got a few/good amount of peo­ple show­ing up; so we ran more games than on tues­day. i did “ok” today—but, i still got­ta work on some drills. i just need to either reg­is­ter for a class for sum­mer ses­sion 2 (which i’m on the wait­ing list for, #30 to be exact…crap; hope­ful­ly, i moved down a lit­tle) or shell out $35 for a sum­mer­time mem­ber­ship at the skizARC. if i do, i’ll prob­a­bly wake up hel­la ear­ly and do my work­out as well as do drills on the court.

on the top­ic of the sil­ver screen: “WICKED!” is all i can say after see­ing Mr. Deeds with friends last night. it was worth the full price; for the irvine peoples…it’s worth the full $9 at the spectrum—that’s how good and hillar­i­ous it was. i think i’m going to see it again.

on the tube: freakin’ stu­pid­i­ty and fun­ny as hell antics being pulled at this MTV show called Tail­daters. this is the first time i’ve seen this show and i think i’m going to watch it again. but in tonight’s episode, there was this real­ly bad date. this guy was such a freakin’ tool. he’s for­get­ting that he’s bee­ing watch by a mil­lion view­ers on MTV. i swear, this foo just did­n’t have the man­ner or respect to treat his freakin’ date with. i mean…common… she was HOT and the whole date is FREE—what else can you ask for. i kin­da can relate to not being on the same wave­length as a date, but man! at least be cour­te­ous enough to have a good time… i’m pissed at that foo, i’ma kick his ass if i see him on the street—or pay some­one to do it for me. the bot­tom line: she was HOT.

any­ways, i think i might be sleep­ing EARLY tonight or this morn­ing. i want to final­ly get up before noon and do more stuff in the morn­ing time… weeell, i’ll try. here’s a quote for today:

Be excel­lent to one anoth­er.

if you know who/where it came from…go ahead and use the shout­box (acces­si­ble in the “watup!!!book” sec­tion)

ps. what you think about the title “watup!!!book”? is it to hard to dis­tin­guish that it’s were com­mu­ni­ca­tion starts (ie. guest­book, shout­box, email, etc…)? let me know, i’m think­ing to either keep it as is, or change it to some­thing more plain/dull as “guest­book”…