oh no! the water

so i woke up early today due to me having to get and blow my nose off. i went to the bathroom, blew my nose and made pee. after wetting my hands and putting soap (dial btw) on it, the faucet stopped working. so i checked the bathtub’s too and that didn’t work. so i then went to the main bathroom (johnjohn’s, jon’s, and keno’s) and theirs didn’t give me a single drop as well. so, needing to get my hands rid off the soap… i went to the kitchen. YES, you know it… seeing a clean but wet bowl filled with CLEAN water… i just dipped my hands in there and washed the soap off—BOYSCOUT stylez baybee!!!. i smelled it afterwards, and it was like washing my hands regularly—i lucked out this time.

so… that was my adventure, so far, in the day. how about you?