a new haircut

after waking up at 11am for some reason, i closed my eyes for “5 minutes” to find myself getting up at 3:30pm—DAMN IT! what was i thinking?!…i missed so many good shows on comedy central and the cartoon network.

anyways, i did a lot of backing up today…my freakin’ harddrive was getting full—i have way too much damn mp3s on this motha. i also went to ironbark to get me a new so-fresh-and-so-clean haircut by my once-in-every-4-weeks barber, dean. it was freakin’ even! we both agreed that it was the most evenest cut he have given me for over 2.5 years i’ve been gettin’ fades from him… so props to that. dap dap.

meanwhile, discussing on what to do on this friday night… they planned and went to hermosa beach to go bar hopping. i was about to go, but my pockets held me back…well, it was more of me not being inclined to drink tonight—not like i drink more than “one drink” anyways. but yah…i just kicked it in the apartment. thinking that i was the only one left in the apartment, keno shows up. so we just decided to watch MIB 2 at 11:45pm because nothin’ good was on TV. i would pay within the “matinee and full” price to go see that movie; maybe because i was tired after driving to the block…but rosario dawson was looking HOT. so, if you’ve liked MIB 1, go see #2.

ps. i got more ideas to add to 916xl.com and my site as well…they coming soon.