TGIF… she was HOT

man…its friday already. hmmm…let’s see, played ball w/ the fellas at springbrook park. we kinda started late due to people having work—that sucked. on the other hand, we only got a few/good amount of people showing up; so we ran more games than on tuesday. i did “ok” today—but, i still gotta work on some drills. i just need to either register for a class for summer session 2 (which i’m on the waiting list for, #30 to be exact…crap; hopefully, i moved down a little) or shell out $35 for a summertime membership at the skizARC. if i do, i’ll probably wake up hella early and do my workout as well as do drills on the court.

on the topic of the silver screen: “WICKED!” is all i can say after seeing Mr. Deeds with friends last night. it was worth the full price; for the irvine peoples…it’s worth the full $9 at the spectrum—that’s how good and hillarious it was. i think i’m going to see it again.

on the tube: freakin’ stupidity and funny as hell antics being pulled at this MTV show called Taildaters. this is the first time i’ve seen this show and i think i’m going to watch it again. but in tonight’s episode, there was this really bad date. this guy was such a freakin’ tool. he’s forgetting that he’s beeing watch by a million viewers on MTV. i swear, this foo just didn’t have the manner or respect to treat his freakin’ date with. i mean…common… she was HOT and the whole date is FREE—what else can you ask for. i kinda can relate to not being on the same wavelength as a date, but man! at least be courteous enough to have a good time… i’m pissed at that foo, i’ma kick his ass if i see him on the street—or pay someone to do it for me. the bottom line: she was HOT.

anyways, i think i might be sleeping EARLY tonight or this morning. i want to finally get up before noon and do more stuff in the morning time… weeell, i’ll try. here’s a quote for today:

Be excellent to one another.

if you know who/where it came from…go ahead and use the shoutbox (accessible in the “watup!!!book” section)

ps. what you think about the title “watup!!!book”? is it to hard to distinguish that it’s were communication starts (ie. guestbook, shoutbox, email, etc…)? let me know, i’m thinking to either keep it as is, or change it to something more plain/dull as “guestbook”…