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  • Fix to the XBMC “could not enumerate file” error

    Fix to the XBMC “could not enumerate file” error

    Usually, this happens with files being loaded into the library don’t have the required regular expression pattern that XBMC is looking for, when it loads files into the library. That regular expression is usually in the form of anything_s01e02 for example (season number, and episode number). When this occurs, you may still view the episodes…

  • Conan O’Brien – American Express Commercial

    Finally got to see Conan’s return to TV last night. I watched his first episode via TBS. Pretty funny as usual. Meanwhile, I have to give props to the latest commercial from American Express starring him. It just came in the right time.

  • “Yo Soy Conando!”

    Dude just cracks me up. Here’s Conan’s latest skit from Monday night if you missed it, “Noches De Passion con Señor O’Brien“. “Si—Conando!” haha

  • RIP David Carradine

    Aka. Kwai Chang Caine / Grasshopper / Bill. More info here via NY Times.

  • The Lonely Island Live Debut Performance

    Just in case you missed it, The Lonely Island rocked the mic last night for their live debut performance at Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. They performed “I’m on a Boat” but Black Thought filled in for T-Pain with an auto-tune. What scary is that they sound good HA!