amazing fact or fiction

wow! today was real­ly an awak­en­ing. i’ve been walk­ing and seek­ing for knowl­edge for 23 years on this earth, and fuck­ing peo­ple think they hel­la know the “me”. well, you’re in for a big sur­prise! peo­ple grow, peo­ple go, …shit, keep that in mind. if some­things just don’t add up, please don’t make an assump­tion in know­ing the whole truth… because all you get is bull­shit and the crack addict on the street ask­ing for more of it. don’t make an ASS-of-U-and-ME, because i have bet­ter and pos­i­tive things to do with my time. it’s like some­one hand­ing me a bro­ken watch, and telling me to fix it when they for­get to put bat­ter­ies in. WTF.

yah, i sec­ond that knowl­edge is gained through self-expe­ri­ence but as well as from oth­ers; but some peo­ple just are plain dumb. DUMB, as the kid who waits for the apple to fall from the tree rather than work­ing hard to climb and get it. so, the next time you think of putting some­one on a pedestal of grief and teas­ing them of how intel­lec­tu­al and com­plete of knowl­edge you are… make sure you look beneath your feet. because the bal­loon that your head is tied to might take you too high in the sky and pop; bring­ing you speed­ing down to a con­crete full of facts and evi­dence.

love, hat­ed but nev­er ignored…

sher­win techico

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