amazing fact or fiction

wow! today was really an awakening. i’ve been walking and seeking for knowledge for 23 years on this earth, and fucking people think they hella know the “me”. well, you’re in for a big surprise! people grow, people go, …shit, keep that in mind. if somethings just don’t add up, please don’t make an assumption in knowing the whole truth… because all you get is bullshit and the crack addict on the street asking for more of it. don’t make an ASS-of-U-and-ME, because i have better and positive things to do with my time. it’s like someone handing me a broken watch, and telling me to fix it when they forget to put batteries in. WTF.

yah, i second that knowledge is gained through self-experience but as well as from others; but some people just are plain dumb. DUMB, as the kid who waits for the apple to fall from the tree rather than working hard to climb and get it. so, the next time you think of putting someone on a pedestal of grief and teasing them of how intellectual and complete of knowledge you are… make sure you look beneath your feet. because the balloon that your head is tied to might take you too high in the sky and pop; bringing you speeding down to a concrete full of facts and evidence.

love, hated but never ignored…

sherwin techico