Category: Thoughts

  • bored in ics labs

    jon: dude, its been over a week since i went to mexico, and i still have the shits jon: WTF me: prolly san diego water then me: oh shit..i got put that one down..brb jon: FU

  • umph

    sunday morning wow. not too damn hot. i was pretty surprised by this damn weather we are having all this week—it was pretty cool and breezy. well, i cooked ramen for G and i since we poo’ and can’t even afford the damn “r”. i did my masterpiece 2 maruchan ramen w/ egg soufle’aljdlf;adfjajdf (however…

  • its a saturday…a saturday

    wow… i finally got back to this blog thing. anyways, as a pre-blog ritual (i guess) i woke up at noon +/- an hour…i think i shut off my alarm and went back to sleep for “5 minutes”. i swear, whoever made my bed is evil =p yah, so i woke up, and just started…

  • what do two roommates talk about at 3:30 in the morning?

    jon (3:30:02 AM): u see james’ new URL jon (3:30:04 AM): ? jon (3:30:11 AM): whats 310? me (3:30:14 AM): ? jon (3:30:18 AM): me (3:30:19 AM): wha jon (3:30:45 AM): hes turing the other one into his “professional” portfolio me (3:32:29 AM): lol…professional abstract shit site me (3:32:38 AM): we going to get…


    just got done moving to a new host…hope this one proves what it is and more… =p