what do two roommates talk about at 3:30 in the morning?

jon (3:30:02 AM): u see james’ new URL
jon (3:30:04 AM): ?
jon (3:30:11 AM): whats 310?
me (3:30:14 AM): ?
jon (3:30:18 AM): http://www.three10.com/
me (3:30:19 AM): wha
jon (3:30:45 AM): hes turing the other one into his “professional” portfolio
me (3:32:29 AM): lol…professional abstract shit site
me (3:32:38 AM): we going to get more confused now
jon (3:34:55 AM): yeah,
jon (3:35:04 AM): i wanna know what 310 is
me (3:35:13 AM): prolly the number of people in tulare
me (3:35:15 AM): oh shit
me (3:35:22 AM): i gotta post this conversation somewhere
jon (3:35:23 AM): HAHAHA
me (3:35:26 AM): brb
jon (3:35:28 AM): HAHAHHAHA