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» rhythmNatives.com
» pi beta phi — cal eta chap­ter
» funkanom­e­try
» swoon Units

i only wish i have more time now… rather than pro­gram­ming some­thing for my ics class (booooooo!)

is this the real-life, or is it just fantasy…

man-o-man… ever won­der if youre liv­ing a real life or just a fake illu­sion. it’s like search­ing for water in the dessert and you see a mirage of an oasis, you want it to be true but don’t real­ly know the con­se­quences after you take that first sip. well, that’s kind of my deep thought for today. but before i get start­ed on that… jon and i played a vicious and mean (MEAN I TELL YOU, MEAN) prank on some­one we look up to and admire—someone with a great his­to­ry of peo­ple-skills and all that good crapol­la… yah, to that per­son, we real­ly felt bad—but you have to admit (well… at least jon and i do) that it was fun­ny as hell and it made you laugh (some­what?! no?). so yah, peace broth­er peace.

any­ways, as to what the top­ic holds in its scopes. i’m sure most of us could say that we had an expe­ri­ence in life that we want­ed to real­ly hap­pen, and when it did—we did­n’t like what we saw or felt. we were too blind to look far enough to see the real­i­ty behind things and were cloud­ed with a grand illusion—something WE want­ed to see. it’s kin­da like that movie moment from Patch Adams were Robin Williams was talk­ing to a patient/friend of his…and con­vers­ing about some­thing that had to do with the shit i’m talkin’ bout. the old man holds up his hands, spreads out his fin­gers and tells patch to look and see at how many fin­gers he is hold­ing up. patch replies with a dumb­found­ed “five…” old man looks at him and tells him, you are not look­ing at the grand pic­ture (or some­thin’ like that…go rent it—its a great movie)… then tells patch to look beyond and patch sees it. to know what i’m talk­ing bout… hold up your hand to close enough to your face and spread out your fin­gers. you should be able to see five, but look­ing beyond your hand, you could actu­al­ly see more (if you don’t see it still, just freakin’ blur your vision and focus on the back­ground instead of your hands…).

mean­while, i’m writ­ing too much about this deep shit instead of just get­ting start­ed on the next pro­gram for my ics class. i guess i’ll say that i’m giv­ing back to the com­mu­ni­ty in some­way, so i hope this filled in the depth of those shal­low minds out there. well… i guess i’m gonna start on my cru­sade for the holy A+ that i’m hop­ing to get (which i don’t think any­one in this course will get) but hey, ASSUME FOR THE WORST BUT HOPE FOR THE BEST!

from my i‑did­n’t-sleep-till-7-this-morn­ing-and-woke-up-at-9am mind to yours… peace and look at the grand pic­ture.

ps. share some insights, thats what the com­ments link is for. don’t be just a reader—educate.

busy bee

i’m sooo busy this past week. things just came on top of each oth­er like your-own-hand-picked-mixed-ice-cream from Cold­stone. how­ev­er, i suc­ceed­ed in writ­ing all my pro­grams for ics142; only thing is, i don’t think i had enough time to study for the quiz this past wednesday—i guess i’ll be drop­ping that one.

as the week­end came, two birth­day’s being cel­e­brat­ed: my broth­er, glen’s, and tony’s—i don’t know why i hang around this guy, he flakes =p. him and julie just got back from the PI this thurs­day, and this guy calls me to hang out on fri­day after­noon after my class. i call him after the time he was sup­pose to call me only to find out from julie that he’s some­where else gallivanting…“bastard.” any­ways, hap­py birth­day tony and glen.

as for my ics class…damn it to hell. it’s almost done. i think we are in the fourth week now, so two more and a finals’ week to go. so when you see me online, just don’t go by your day work­ing or surfin’…say hi once in a while fools—i’m human too ^ ^

any­ways, its 4ish am and i need to get up ear­ly to code a lit­tle bit and go to lunch with my famil­ia for glen’s bday. we eat­ing seafood at redon­do pier. so yah, go check and sign up at the forums — http://forums.916xl.com!!!

from my mind to yours… 1+1+2 = 112?! …peace

Woah… My Tuesday During the Summer

sherwin@THIS-CLASS-IS-HELL% gmake parser
bison -d declare.y; /bin/mv declare.tab.c declare.tab.cc
declare.y contains 1 shift/reduce conflict.
g++ -c -g declare.tab.cc
flex -it scanner.l > scanner.cc
g++ -c -g scanner.cc
g++ -c main.cc -o main.o
g++ -c symtab.cc -o symtab.o
g++ -g declare.tab.o scanner.o main.o symtab.o -o parser
sherwin@THIS-CLASS-IS-HELL% f0k f0k f0k
syntax error "f0k f0k f0k"
sherwin@THIS-CLASS-IS-HELL% well f0k you t00

And how was your Tues­day spent? Drop a com­ment or some­thin’…

From my burnt mind to yours… f0k Lab. Peace.

somebody got the case of the… mondays…

f0k…a new week a new hope to start shit up clean. yup, i got up at 9am today after sleep­ing at 4am try­ing to fin­ish my damn lab. i got up to 85% of doing the whole thing. man, i don’t know how them ics peo­ple could do this shit 24/7. i just don’t see myself sit­ting down and star­ing at the com­put­er try­ing to make out with my one true love—programming…yuk :\ so for them pro­gram­mers, i give them props for stay­ing in there and mak­ing bank 24/7/365. just don’t be greedy and shit with your pro­gram prices or else… the “hack­ers of the world” will unite and getcha.

any­ways, i got up at 9am think­ing, “daaaamn, i’m up…” turned off my stereo alarm, tried to fold my com­forter and make my bed. then it hit me, “my bed is damn soft… must not lie down on bed… NOOOOOoooooooo!” …mean­while in the bat cave, time has been stopped as sher­win takes a “5 minute nap”… now, back to our reg­u­lar­ly sched­uled pro­gram. an hour lat­er, yah… i got ready to go to school since i was to study for a quiz with some class­mates.

after mak­ing my right from har­vard to bridge… i was think­ing to myself, “man, there has to be parking—it’s hel­la ear­ly.” WTF! what the hell… there’s no park­ing on the street across dart­mouth. so i searched the apart­ment com­plex for them “24-hour-guest” stalls. low and behold—i saw the light after 30 min­utes. there it was in bright (scratch that—dirty) white paint, it was the “24 Hour Guest” park­ing; YES! *does kirk gib­son one-hand­ed limp­ing pump*

so fast-for­ward­ing towards the after­noon (4ish pm), i went to take a pow­er nap (hour max) and woke up (5ish pm); and start­ed doing my oth­er lab—WTF! i hate the way this teacher on the way he is treat­ing stu­den­t’s “sum­mer” school expe­ri­ence. well, enough of the blab­bit­ty-blah… here’s a group that G told me about—Young­blood Brass Band. go and check em out… they sound dif­fer­ent, you’ll like em if you need to expand your taste of music.

from my mind to yours… peace and phat tues­day.