Category: Entertainment

  • America’s Idol?!

    Maaaan, this guy amazes the heck out of me! How ’bout you?!

  • Chappelle’s Show – First Season DVD

    It’s out and uncensored. 12 episodes plus special bonus features. You can get it from Comedy Central… or go to Best Buy (i.e. $19.99 this week).Click here to get it from for cheap now.

  • Get Kanye West – College Dropout

    Yes yes… one of the best producers alive, as well as someone who brings more to this positive element people call “hip-hop”… Kanye West, has just dropped his “official” debut cd College Dropout. I say “official” because he had another release early december 2003. That “advance” release were re-mastered/re-mixed on his “official” from what I’m…

  • Average Joe

    What’s the point?!?! Damn. Sometimes you think that things might be different this time around. But for some reason, the same bullshit just keeps happenin’. I guess some people just don’t see the grand picture… damn. I feel for Adam. Damn.

  • Music to My Ears

    Well, got some R&R this past weekend. Went on somewhat of a shopping spree considering I haven’t bought anything for myself except for a couple of shoes and a old navy pant this past year. Anyways, finally upgrading my computer—this baby should be able to rock steady with the new graphic/digital design tools I’ma about…