Get Kanye West – College Dropout

Yes yes… one of the best producers alive, as well as someone who brings more to this positive element people call “hip-hop”… Kanye West, has just dropped his “official” debut cd College Dropout. I say “official” because he had another release early december 2003. That “advance” release were re-mastered/re-mixed on his “official” from what I’m hearing. Here’s the track listing from the “advance” cd:

01 Intro [01:18]
02 Self Conscious [03:06]
03 Jesus Walks (intro) [00:49]
04 Jesus Walks [03:30]
05 Two Words feat. Mos Def Freeway & Harlem Boys Choir [04:25]
06 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly feat. Consequence [04:10]
07 Breathe In Breathe Out [05:23]
08 Keep The Receipt feat. Dirt Mcgirt [03:30]
09 Heavy Hitters feat. GLC [03:01]
10 Slow Jamz feat. Twista & Jaime Foxx [04:06]
11 My Way [03:26]
12 Family Business [04:38]
13 Through The Wire [04:34]
14 Never Let You Do feat. Jay-z & Saul Williams [04:30]
15 Home (bonus) [04:02]

All-in-all, this album is something different. Made myself listen to it, as well as analyze the damn song (lyrics and beats). I can truly say beats, rhyme, and reason—hands down, one of the best hiphop (solo-artist) debut CD I ever bought and enjoyed in a while (maybe even since wyclef’s Carnival). As he said on MTV, VH1, and BET… go download it wherever/however you can—and if you like it, support…buy it! I guarantee that you will.