Music to My Ears

Well, got some R&R this past weekend. Went on somewhat of a shopping spree considering I haven’t bought anything for myself except for a couple of shoes and a old navy pant this past year. Anyways, finally upgrading my computer—this baby should be able to rock steady with the new graphic/digital design tools I’ma about to get my hands on.

Hopefully, I can play around with more artsy fartsy stuff and get creative on that ass. Besides the new computer parts, I got some loose fitting jeans from old navy…same one I had, but a different “blue” color; which is pretty weird considering the fact that it’s either looks dirty, “stonewashed”, and some funky color-looking ones. And oh yah, some boxers $5 each—I know its a bit pricey for old navy ones but man oh man, my boxers are loosing their elasticity (woah, big word…I have a headache now).

Besides these material stuff, I got some food for the brain. Supporting the RIAA and got some new CDs. Not necessarily in any order but I got Da Band’s Too Hot for TV, Chemical Brother’s Singles 93-03 [Limited Ed.] and Slightly Stoopid’s Everything You Need.

Some opinions about the CDs in my rotation…

too hot for tv

…Da Band. You saw them on tv, you heard their stories, and now you can hear the end-product. I give it 4-headbobs (out of 4) for the beats—p.diddy got new ones, integrated some old ones, as well as welcomed some of today’s hot producers like wyclef and trackmasters. I give it 3-headbobs in terms of a group-CD in general…’cause dylan didn’t really do much, so I guess it’s not really a complete group-CD … ‘kno mean?! but overall I give it 3.5-headbobs in terms of beats, lyrics, content, feeling, etc…they put their hearts into making it …now go support them by buying a copy of their CD (got it for $9.99 at bestbuy).

singles 93-03

The Chemical Bros…err Brothers to be musically correct … “MC” (trying to start a new word…sorry for the corn). These guys are funky ass hell. I really liked their 1999 release, Surrender, which got me into their music. I saw them perform at the first-ever coachella music festival. I was there working for staff pro trying to raise money for my UCI Cultural Club—Kababayan. It was soooo freakin’ hot and muggy—you know, riverside weather. But to make a long, flashback-story short …it was an awesome experience. We got to see beck, rage against the machine, tool, etc etc. This girl offered me fifty bucks to let her in the vip section when Beck was on the main-stage, but my old, fat area supervisor stepped in and shit…bastard was horny—but umph…she was a hottie. Anyways, back to the CD…I give it 3.5-headbobs (currently) …since I haven’t listened to the second disc… I’m sure it will end up going to 4… they just inspire the ‘ish out of me (along with other astralwerks‘ artist) when I do digital art projects and sketches.

everything you need

…Last but not least, Sligthly Stoopid’s CD brings you to a chillaxin’ place. Well, you can’t go wrong with skunk records to give you that smooth, melodic groove with a lil bit of punk all-mixed-into-one; ahhh dubby dub…rock on with 4-headbobs. If you haven’t heard any of their songs, might I suggest listening to their Acoustic Roots CD fosho—these guys are awesome musicians.

Woah, haven’t wrote a lot ’till today. Must be the glow… (whose the mastah?!?! sho-nah!! …damn, I gotta get that on dvd…one of my favorite movies as a kid). Well, in other news, hendo and I are getting ‘ish done with our little startup-venture. I’ll let you get the down-lo on it as soon as we get everything ready (hopefully soon). …good times, good times.

From my mind to yours, feed your brain…and support he music industry by buying some CDs once in a while—don’t be shady foo.