Music to My Ears

Well, got some R&R this past week­end. Went on some­what of a shop­ping spree con­sid­er­ing I haven’t bought any­thing for myself except for a cou­ple of shoes and a old navy pant this past year. Any­ways, final­ly upgrad­ing my computer—this baby should be able to rock steady with the new graphic/digital design tools I’ma about to get my hands on.

Hope­ful­ly, I can play around with more art­sy fart­sy stuff and get cre­ative on that ass. Besides the new com­put­er parts, I got some loose fit­ting jeans from old navy…same one I had, but a dif­fer­ent “blue” col­or; which is pret­ty weird con­sid­er­ing the fact that it’s either looks dirty, “stonewashed”, and some funky col­or-look­ing ones. And oh yah, some box­ers $5 each—I know its a bit pricey for old navy ones but man oh man, my box­ers are loos­ing their elas­tic­i­ty (woah, big word…I have a headache now).

Besides these mate­r­i­al stuff, I got some food for the brain. Sup­port­ing the RIAA and got some new CDs. Not nec­es­sar­i­ly in any order but I got Da Band’s Too Hot for TV, Chem­i­cal Broth­er’s Sin­gles 93–03 [Lim­it­ed Ed.] and Slight­ly Stoopid’s Every­thing You Need.

Some opin­ions about the CDs in my rota­tion…

too hot for tv

…Da Band. You saw them on tv, you heard their sto­ries, and now you can hear the end-prod­uct. I give it 4‑headbobs (out of 4) for the beats—p.diddy got new ones, inte­grat­ed some old ones, as well as wel­comed some of today’s hot pro­duc­ers like wyclef and track­mas­ters. I give it 3‑headbobs in terms of a group-CD in general…’cause dylan did­n’t real­ly do much, so I guess it’s not real­ly a com­plete group-CD … ‘kno mean?! but over­all I give it 3.5‑headbobs in terms of beats, lyrics, con­tent, feel­ing, etc…they put their hearts into mak­ing it …now go sup­port them by buy­ing a copy of their CD (got it for $9.99 at best­buy).

singles 93-03

The Chem­i­cal Bros…err Broth­ers to be musi­cal­ly cor­rect … “MC” (try­ing to start a new word…sorry for the corn). These guys are funky ass hell. I real­ly liked their 1999 release, Sur­ren­der, which got me into their music. I saw them per­form at the first-ever coachel­la music fes­ti­val. I was there work­ing for staff pro try­ing to raise mon­ey for my UCI Cul­tur­al Club—Kababayan. It was soooo freakin’ hot and muggy—you know, river­side weath­er. But to make a long, flash­back-sto­ry short …it was an awe­some expe­ri­ence. We got to see beck, rage against the machine, tool, etc etc. This girl offered me fifty bucks to let her in the vip sec­tion when Beck was on the main-stage, but my old, fat area super­vi­sor stepped in and shit…bastard was horny—but umph…she was a hot­tie. Any­ways, back to the CD…I give it 3.5‑headbobs (cur­rent­ly) …since I haven’t lis­tened to the sec­ond disc… I’m sure it will end up going to 4… they just inspire the ‘ish out of me (along with oth­er astral­w­erks’ artist) when I do dig­i­tal art projects and sketch­es.

everything you need

…Last but not least, Sligth­ly Stoopid’s CD brings you to a chillax­in’ place. Well, you can’t go wrong with skunk records to give you that smooth, melod­ic groove with a lil bit of punk all-mixed-into-one; ahhh dub­by dub…rock on with 4‑headbobs. If you haven’t heard any of their songs, might I sug­gest lis­ten­ing to their Acoustic Roots CD fosho—these guys are awe­some musi­cians.

Woah, haven’t wrote a lot ’till today. Must be the glow… (whose the mas­tah?!?! sho-nah!! …damn, I got­ta get that on dvd…one of my favorite movies as a kid). Well, in oth­er news, hen­do and I are get­ting ‘ish done with our lit­tle start­up-ven­ture. I’ll let you get the down-lo on it as soon as we get every­thing ready (hope­ful­ly soon). …good times, good times.

From my mind to yours, feed your brain…and sup­port he music indus­try by buy­ing some CDs once in a while—don’t be shady foo.


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  1. rex

    fuck the RIAA. i don’t wan­na sup­port the indus­try, i wan­na sup­port the artists.

    go to their shows, that’s how they get most of their mon­ey.

  2. sherwin

    sooooory… i ain’t got that much mon­ey to go to three con­certs… with the $30 that i spent on 3 CDs, i can bare­ly get through the park­ing lot and some grub at the con­cert. with the $30 that i spent, i sup­port­ed 3 artists… but yah, f0k the RIAA (unless we get jobs from them).