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Robin Williams’ Plan For Peace

Com­ic relief that is so true. From mah dawg, Orphana­tor…

I see a lot of peo­ple yelling for peace but I have not heard of a viable plan for peace. So, here’s my plan:

  1. The US will apol­o­gize to the world for our inter­fer­ence” in their affairs, past and present. We will promise nev­er to “inter­fere” again.
  2. We will with­draw our troops from all over the world, start­ing with Ger­many, South Korea and the Philip­pines. Instead, we will sta­tion these troops at all of OUR bor­ders. No more sneak­ing through holes in the fence to get in.
  3. All ille­gal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs togeth­er and leave. We’ll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remain­der will be gath­ered up and deport­ed imme­di­ate­ly, regard­less of who or where they are. France would wel­come them.
  4. All future vis­i­tors will be thor­ough­ly checked and lim­it­ed to 90 day vis­its unless giv­en a spe­cial per­mit. No one from a ter­ror­ist nation would be allowed in. If you don’t like it where you live, change it your­self, don’t hide here. Asy­lum would not EVER be avail­able to ANYONE. We don’t need any more cab dri­vers.
  5. No inter­na­tion­al “stu­dents” over age 21. The old­er ones are the bombers. If our inter­na­tion­al stu­dents don’t attend class­es, they get a big fat “F” and it’s back home, baby. End of dis­cus­sion.
  6. The US will make a strong effort to become self-suf­fi­cient ener­gy wise. This will include devel­op­ing non-pol­lut­ing sources of ener­gy but will require a tem­po­rary drilling of oil in the Alaskan wilder­ness. The cari­bou will have to cope for a while.
  7. Offer Sau­di Ara­bia and oth­er oil pro­duc­ing coun­tries $10 a bar­rel for their oil. If they don’t like it, we go some­place else.
  8. If there is a famine or oth­er nat­ur­al cat­a­stro­phe in the world, we will not “inter­fere”. They can pray to Allah or whomev­er, for seeds, rain, cement or what­ev­er they need. Besides, most of what we give them gets “lost” or is tak­en by their army. The peo­ple who need it most get very lit­tle, any­way.
  9. Ship the UN Head­quar­ters to an island some place. We don’t need spies and fair weath­er friends here. Besides, it would make a good home­less shel­ter or lock­up for ille­gal aliens.
  10. Use the UN’s build­ings as replace­ment for the twin tow­ers.
  11. All Amer­i­cans must go to charm and beau­ty school. That way, no one can ever call us “Ugly Amer­i­cans” again.

Now, ain’t that a win­ner of a plan.

The Stat­ue of Lib­er­ty is no longer say­ing, “Give me your poor, your tired, your hud­dled mass­es.”

She’s got a Louisville Slug­ger base­ball bat and she’s yelling, “You want a piece of me?”

~Robin Williams

Get Razmatazzed by…

jason mraz

A lil some­thin’ some­thin’ from a dood whose music upbring­ings hails from the state of VA, and the coun­ty of sun­ny San Diego… inter­twined to make this funky, Soul, Jazz, R&B, Coun­try, Grass­root sound that will just get your feet tap­pin’ and your heads bob­bin’.

You can catch more info about him and his new album Wait­ing for My Rock­et to Come at JasonMraz.com

What is… The Matrix?

wak­ing up damn ear­ly with noth­ing to do but design and do some lay­outs for the ecom­merce site—my brain had a men­tal block. i guess i need food or some­thing, that—and jump start my brain. so what did i decide to do, well this.

the matrix reloaded

you might say to your­self, “the matrix is a nerd movie”… but alas, i think you are half right. it has been one of the most talked about movies of our gen­er­a­tion. it deals with soci­ety and the human psy­che. if you’ve seen the first one, then good for you. if you saw the sec­ond one late­ly, the bet­ter. how­ev­er, the ques­tion now isn’t “what is the matrix?”… it’s “what is real?”

NOTE: if you haven’t seen the matrix reloaded yet, and don’t want me to spoil it for you, then skip this entry…

okay…bbl, hans got an extra tick­et to go to E3… time to see them game-mod­els haha… i’ll con­tin­ue this entry when i get back…peace.

…6 hours, and 3 days lat­er ^^

well, e3 was okay i guess… i still like the year when rex and i went for the very first time. maybe it’s because of the tomb raider dis­play booth! man-oh-man, can you say “patri­cia ford and lisa boyle…saaaarap!” and oth­er hot­ties around them, not to men­tion the very first lara croft game-mod­el. i think she posed for play­boy lat­er on after her con­tract w/ acclaim.

any­ways, where was i… oh yes, the matrix reloaded. well, i’ve heard a lot of mixed feel­ings about the movie. but i hate it when peo­ple say that it was­n’t all that. i just have to say, “remem­ber, it’s a series, and that it’s only part of a whole sto­ry.”

the matrix reloaded - trinity

my the­o­ry starts after real­iz­ing that the movie had almost the same chain of events as the first one. first one start­ed w/ trin­i­ty, sec­ond one start­ed w/ trin­i­ty. then neo wakes up on the first one, then neo wakes up on the sec­ond one—bottom line, par­al­lel scenes almost.

the matrix reloaded - architect scene

that just brings me to my sec­ond point, well the­sis… that zion, and the matrix are both not real—or are made-up. if you remem­ber the archi­tect scene (when neo was talk­ing to the old dude), where most peo­ple got lost, neo was giv­en a choice to either “rebuild zion” (start all over w/ a cou­ple of men and women), or save his love, trin­i­ty. this scene was very con­fus­ing, but dis­ect­ing it even clos­er, you would notice that the archi­tect when into detail about “the oth­ers” before him (neo) that were giv­en the same choice; and they all picked to “rebuild zion.”

i hope you get­ting my point or the­sis so far. if not, basi­cal­ly what i’m say­ing is that, zion and the matrix are both not real. they are both an opti­cal illu­sion, or part of the same pro­gram. a sim­ple flow dia­gram would be this:

the real world? » zion & machine world » the matrix

the matrix reloaded - stop bullets

how did i get to this? well, let’s mark some facts what the archi­tect said, as well as the ora­cle and mor­pheus. first, the archi­tect and the ora­cle already knew what deci­sion neo was going to make—up until neo went to save trin­i­ty (which will be the turn­ing point of the whole saga). sec­ond, the archi­tect already said that there were five oth­ers (like neo) that made the same choice before him; which is to save and rebuild zion. last but not least, the impor­tant part near the end of the movie that might prove my the­sis is when he did the same thing at the end of the first movie—he felt some­thing has changed, put up his hand towards the machines (as he did towards the bul­lets), and stopped them like he stopped the bul­lets.

now, why would you care about my the­sis? i don’t know, but it sure is one inter­est­ing movie. i hope that this was one inter­est­ing read that took up some of your time at work, or your bore­dom.

from my mind to yours, just say no to drugs?!

Kobe vs. McGrady?!

Word on the street is… that there has been talk about whose bet­ter than who, Kobe Bryant or Tra­cy McGrady?

Well, here’s an arti­cle by ESP­N’s Mitch Lawrence: Why Kobe’s bet­ter than McGrady

Update: In case the above link does­n’t load pret­ty quick, here’s the arti­cle archived via Read­abil­i­ty.

New DMB Album — Busted Stuff!

Check it out folks… Ff you are an avid fan of Music, then here’s some­thing for you. DMB (aka. Dave Matthews Band) has a new album out, Bust­ed Stuff, which hits the shelves July 16th at 12:00am. Some of the songs where from the nev­er realeased album, Lil­ly­white Ses­sions (02/2001). Over­all, I would say it’s anoth­er great DMB album—something to play every­day and relate to, from the first breathe you take in the morn­ing to the last words you pray with at night.