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Don’t Sleep on Late Registration

Kanye West - Late Registration

I have to admit, Kanye “did it again” (as Jay‑Z would say). Anoth­er one for the record books. A CD that you can actu­al­ly buy and not stress if its worth the mon­ey or not. I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to lis­ten to it, and was impressed and amazed. Each track… each track, OMG… its real­ly hard to describe the feel­ing that you get when you’re lis­ten­ing to this album. The only solu­tion is for you to lis­ten to it on your own. Bot­tom­line, go cop it in-stores tomor­row.

If you are look­ing for books and order­ing through Amazon.com, its $10.99 there… click here to add it to your cart.

Here’s the com­plete track-list­ing:

  1. Wake Up Mr. West (:41)
  2. Heard ‘Em Say fea­tur­ing Adam Levine of Maroon 5 (3:24)
  3. Touch The Sky fea­tur­ing Lupe Fias­co (3:56)
  4. Gold Dig­ger fea­tur­ing Jamie Foxx (3:27)
  5. Skit #1 (:33)
  6. Dri­ve Slow fea­tur­ing Paul Wall & GLC (4:32)
  7. My Way Home fea­tur­ing Com­mon (1:43)
  8. Crack Music fea­tur­ing Game (4:31)
  9. Ros­es (4:05)
  10. Bring Me Down fea­tur­ing Brandy (3:19)
  11. Addic­tion (4:27)
  12. Skit #2 (:31)
  13. Dia­monds From Sier­ra Leone (Remix) fea­tur­ing Jay‑Z (3:53)
  14. We Major fea­tur­ing Nas & Real­ly Doe (7:28)
  15. Skit #3 (:24)
  16. Hey Mama (5:05)
  17. Cel­e­bra­tion (3:18)
  18. Skit #4 (1:19)
  19. Gone fea­tur­ing Con­se­quence & Cam’Ron (5:33)
  20. **BONUS TRACK**Diamonds From Sier­ra Leone (3:58)
  21. **HIDDEN TRACK** Late (3:50)



Recent­ly Cold­play’s X&Y album dropped. Its just weird see­ing and hear­ing more about this music genre they call “Indie”. So yah, so far I can only dis­tin­guish this style of music if the band is from the UK. Its pro­l­ly because I only know two bands that for sure are cat­e­go­rized in this genre, Cold­play and Kasabi­an.

Speak­ing of Kasabi­an—these blokes rock rat-ass! Straight from the first track (club foot, my fav) of their self-enti­tled album, they set a great momen­tum that just takes you by sur­prise; and make you not want to get off of it. But hey, you dont have to take my word for it. I seri­ous­ly rec­om­mend cop­ping their album.

Oh yah, also sup­port the orga­ni­za­tion their help­ing out… makepovertyhistory.org. Not to men­tion, be a part of the Move­ment!

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A Reminisce, Reminisce…

look­ing back and try­ing to fix up my old archived entries in this blog, i went down mem­o­ry lane. it was great to read and think about the days of the past. its just weird that i nev­er knew how much this blog has evolved into a jour­nal of some­one who start­ed it off to be a learn­ing place for web design/development.

mean­while, as the drum* plays to the beat of the sec­ond-hand, my days have been spent in a new envi­ron­ment. i’m sur­prised that i’m still learn­ing a grip of things every­day at the job and about myself over here. its sur­pris­ing that when you’re in a new “per­spec­tive”, you find things all-rel­a­tive to what you were accus­tomed before.

to those that know what i’m talk­ing about, let me know… i real­ly can’t explain this phe­nom­e­non as its one of those things that you just have to do in order to expe­ri­ence. but maybe an exam­ple of some sort… ok, lets say when you’re a kid who nev­er knew/felt fire for the first time; you’re parents/fam member(s) woul­da prob­a­bly said or pro­hib­it­ed you to touch a can­dle light as its dangerous—and it hel­la hurts.

but, you still try it; because there’s a lit­tle mis­chief in all of us and we did­n’t know bet­ter back in the days. so yah, back to square one. its been a great expe­ri­ence so far being some place “some­what” dif­fer­ent. when i say “some­what”, i mean that “its all rel­a­tive” (as juan would say it). some exam­ples of this the­o­ry:

  • every city has a ghet­to
  • a block is a block; unless you mea­sure it…
  • peo­ple are addict­ed to one form of “addic­tion”
  • at the end of the day, we all have closed our eyes for a brief moment

as you can tell, every­thing is everything—as lau­ryn would say. but it is this fact that keeps us (or most of us) to try and do our best in every moment of our lives. so when we look back, whether it be through a blog, an old pho­to album, a diary, etc… we could at least say: “i remem­ber”.

so, i hope every­one spend their days in both clar­i­ty and with fun. learn some­thing new each day, as most peo­ple would say; whether it be:

  • find­ing out who ordered the cre­ation of the clones in star wars: attack of the clones,
  • try­ing to fig­ure out how “clap­ping” came about (will that “some­one” i know, that knows this please enlight­en us),
  • or learn­ing the mean­ing of what skeet (skeet skeet) means …

be pro-active, pro-“life”, pro-crastinate…i mean… you know what i mean—do some­thing pos­i­tive. so peace till the moment is here, you’ll read/hear my words when it gets there. word.

from my mind to yours, “hangin in a chow line, good times.”