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US Air Guitar Championships

US Air Guitar

OMG?!?! That’s all I said after view­ing Heather Champ’s post on the Flickr Blog about the pho­tos of “air gui­tars”. Damn. Who woul­da knew those late night rock-a-thon ses­sions can come to use.

Learn more about the US Air Gui­tar event over here. Rock on!

PS. Oth­er one of those OMG-events was point­ed out by a co-work­er… Flip-Cup Tour­na­ment!

R.I.P. J. Dilla

RIP J. Dilla

From okayplayer.com:

This is an exteme­ly sad day. We have lost one of the great­est pro­duc­ers of all time, peri­od. That fact is not even up for debate. For us fans and for those that were lucky enough to know Dil­la, this is a tough pill to swal­low. What makes it worse is know­ing that the major­i­ty of the hip hop world will not mourn this loss like those in our com­mu­ni­ty. We can only hope that one day the world will know his music the way die hard Dil­la fans do, and he will posthu­mous­ly recieve the respect and admi­ra­tion that his influ­ence com­mands. RIP Dil­la Dog.

James Yancey passed around 8:00 this morn­ing in Los Ange­les, Cal­i­for­nia. His lat­est album, Donuts, was released ear­li­er this week.

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Tuesday with AMF


A Game of Weights and Bal­ances by stechico.

Boy oh boy. Anoth­er week, anoth­er Tues­day. Since when did my weeks become so long yet so short? Long, in terms that the week­end is a stretch; short, in terms of not get­ting to do a lot of stuff that I’d want to get done, or start­ed with. I’m telling you, it’s all a con­spir­a­cy. Some­thing is mess­ing up our time on this great Earth. It seems to hap­pen after high-school.

But alas, noth­ing like a nice game of bowl­ing to take your wor­ries away. Although a “peace­ful” sport, you can get more stressed out just try­ing to knock two pins (a split) over one. And we thought we got “sim­plic­i­ty” fig­ured out. What does the val­ue “less is more” hold in this game? Nada.

Oh boy. Bowl­ing. A game you think you know, but you have no idea.

History is Written by the Victors

As I was walk­ing from the Trans­bay Ter­mi­nal to work, it dawned upon me that for the past week instead of tun­ing in to the hun­dreds of songs in my iPod, I found myself atten­tive­ly lis­ten­ing to Dan Brown’s The Da Vin­ci Code. I recall buy­ing the book a bit after watch­ing the final chap­ter of The MatrixRev­o­lu­tions years ago.

After the mid­night show­ing, as we were going back to our apart­ment, Cesar men­tioned a rela­tion of the ideas and sym­bol­ism that were described in The Da Vin­ci Code book, and of that in which he saw after expe­ri­enc­ing The Matrix Tril­o­gy. At first, I said, “are you on crack? It’s just a sci-fi flick that was writ­ten well and sprin­kled with a lot of action scenes and well-inte­grat­ed CG ani­ma­tion.” Well, it was­n’t nec­es­sar­i­ly those exact words but some­thing along those lines.

Any­ways, after that, I went to Cost­co the next day and bought a copy the book. A mere $15 for a hard-cov­er. I start­ed read­ing it right away. Then, the end­less wave of projects hit.

Fast-for­ward to now, about 2+ years lat­er, I cracked open the book and saw that I was on Chap­ter 18. Not since recent­ly, have I had the same enthu­si­asm to final­ly read the whole darn thing. Mean­while, this past week­end, I came upon an audio­book ver­sion of it and synched it with my iPod. From there on, it’s noth­ing but the bus, the walk, the iPod and the nar­ra­tor.

From my mind to yours, it makes me sad when I hear my friends read this book with­in the span of 2 days. So sad.

Note: Check out the trail­er if you haven’t seen it yet.