Tuesday with AMF


A Game of Weights and Bal­ances by stechico.

Boy oh boy. Anoth­er week, anoth­er Tues­day. Since when did my weeks become so long yet so short? Long, in terms that the week­end is a stretch; short, in terms of not get­ting to do a lot of stuff that I’d want to get done, or start­ed with. I’m telling you, it’s all a con­spir­a­cy. Some­thing is mess­ing up our time on this great Earth. It seems to hap­pen after high-school.

But alas, noth­ing like a nice game of bowl­ing to take your wor­ries away. Although a “peace­ful” sport, you can get more stressed out just try­ing to knock two pins (a split) over one. And we thought we got “sim­plic­i­ty” fig­ured out. What does the val­ue “less is more” hold in this game? Nada.

Oh boy. Bowl­ing. A game you think you know, but you have no idea.

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