Tuesday with AMF

A Game of Weights and Balances by stechico.

Boy oh boy. Another week, another Tuesday. Since when did my weeks become so long yet so short? Long, in terms that the weekend is a stretch; short, in terms of not getting to do a lot of stuff that I’d want to get done, or started with. I’m telling you, it’s all a conspiracy. Something is messing up our time on this great Earth. It seems to happen after high-school.

But alas, nothing like a nice game of bowling to take your worries away. Although a “peaceful” sport, you can get more stressed out just trying to knock two pins (a split) over one. And we thought we got “simplicity” figured out. What does the value “less is more” hold in this game? Nada.

Oh boy. Bowling. A game you think you know, but you have no idea.