History is Written by the Victors

As I was walking from the Transbay Terminal to work, it dawned upon me that for the past week instead of tuning in to the hundreds of songs in my iPod, I found myself attentively listening to Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. I recall buying the book a bit after watching the final chapter of The MatrixRevolutions years ago.

After the midnight showing, as we were going back to our apartment, Cesar mentioned a relation of the ideas and symbolism that were described in The Da Vinci Code book, and of that in which he saw after experiencing The Matrix Trilogy. At first, I said, “are you on crack? It’s just a sci-fi flick that was written well and sprinkled with a lot of action scenes and well-integrated CG animation.” Well, it wasn’t necessarily those exact words but something along those lines.

Anyways, after that, I went to Costco the next day and bought a copy the book. A mere $15 for a hard-cover. I started reading it right away. Then, the endless wave of projects hit.

Fast-forward to now, about 2+ years later, I cracked open the book and saw that I was on Chapter 18. Not since recently, have I had the same enthusiasm to finally read the whole darn thing. Meanwhile, this past weekend, I came upon an audiobook version of it and synched it with my iPod. From there on, it’s nothing but the bus, the walk, the iPod and the narrator.

From my mind to yours, it makes me sad when I hear my friends read this book within the span of 2 days. So sad.

Note: Check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.