M.I.A. in the City

M.I.A. Wednesday 10/5/05 at SF

M.I.A. (aka. Maya Arul­pra­gasam) will be in SF this week. She’ll be over at the Vir­gin Mega­s­tore doing an in-store per­for­mance and sign­ing this Wednes­day, Octo­ber 5th at 6pm. Hope to catch that and get some picks of her in action.

Mean­while, the same night, she’ll be head­ing over to The Grand Ball­room at Regency Cen­ter (1300 Van Ness) for a show. Only $20 (avail­able through tick­et­mas­ter). I hope to catch this one for sure rather than see­ing her at Oak­land Are­na on Decem­ber 1st cause of the small­er venue fac­tor. Even though she’s duo-ing with Gwen at Oak­land. Damn—its both a win-win sit­u­a­tion. Choic­es, choic­es, choic­es.

Any­ways, if you aint doing Wednes­day night, those are the places to be to get hit by smash­ing, new sound. It’ll for sure rock your socks. See you there.

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