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  • Where Did That Alberta, Canada Meteor Go?

    Here’s a video from a 5-0’s dash that recorded a “tractor truck” size meteor: [youtube]e_2aX-784sw[/youtube] Brian Williams: “The search is on in Canada for the impact site?” What the?!?! They better find that thing. That thing was huge—that’s what she said! For something that bright and in plain sight of the cop patrolling, they should…

  • MSNBC Keith Olbermann on California’s Prop. 8

    [youtube]cVUecPhQPqY[/youtube] Some takeaways from Olbermann’s Special Comment on California’s Prop. 8: “What is it to you?” “They want what you want.” “Spread happiness.” “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you ((The Golden Rule. Also known as the Ethic of Reciprocity.)).”

  • Obama, “Son of the Soil”

    I was just browsing for some news before heading to bed, and found some more Obama celebration photos from across the World. Here are some that I found very meaningful personally—specially the first one below:

  • Shepard Fairey / Obey Giant Obama Campaign Posters

    Shepard Fairey (“Obey Giant“) and the Obama Hope image was featured Wednesday night on CBS News with Katie Couric. Here’s the segment. [youtube]1q_tFP0j9C4[/youtube] Here’s the infamous HOPE image (aka. “Obama is Hope”), along with others that Fairey created before (and after) the historic election day this past Tuesday, November 4, 2008:

  • President Obama and News Headlines Online

    With the news of President-elect Barack Obama winning sweeping the World, most of the big news sites out on the net have updated their homepages. Mentioning that, it is still surprising to me (at the time of this posting) that WhiteHouse.gov still has no mention of “Obama” ANYWHERE?!?! Anyways, here are the ones that I…