Obama, “Son of the Soil”

I was just browsing for some news before heading to bed, and found some more Obama celebration photos from across the World. Here are some that I found very meaningful personally—specially the first one below:

In the western village of Kogelo, where the president-elect’s late father was born, Obama’s step-grandmother and other relatives poured out of their rural homestead to celebrate a man seen by many Kenyans as a ‘son of the soil’.

With hula dancers, ecstatic chanting and some rock ‘n’ roll, a Japanese town named Obama rejoiced as its accidental namesake was elected president of the United States.

At Obama’s former school in Jakarta, Indonesia, children celebrated the election result.

You may check out more photos (and the story behind them) by going to Telegraph’s collection of People Around the World Celebrate Barack Obama’s Election Win”.

Source via Telegraph.