Nike Snowboard Boots Fall/Winter 2008

It seems that Nike is set to release its Fall/Winter 2008 line of snowboard boots. They promoted their new line via some toy boots (as in the photos in this post). I wonder who Nike will get to join their team. For sure not Shaun White as he just inked a 10-year endorsement deal with Burton early this year. That, and it’s just going to be weird seeing him go with Nike as Burton has been there since he was a little kid.

I have to give it to Nike though, they’ll probably attract some share of the market as they are a well known brand. I just don’t know if they will attract those season-riders (such as myself) as I have been a brand-whore with ThirtyTwo in terms of snowboard boots. They are just damn comfortable and does what it needs to do to have me ride all day/night long.

Anyways, time will tell if Nike’s snowboarding line will be a hit or miss ((PS. Nike—if you need a tester/reviewer, I’ll be more than up for it =) )).

Source via CtotheJL.