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  • Long Live the Kings!

    Long Live the Kings!

    Undefeated just created a tribute tee for the LA Kings and their run for the Stanley Cup. These are available Saturday, June 2nd, just in time for Game-2; both online and in-stores.

  • Keep Talking Shit

    Keep Talking Shit

    Undefeated has a history of putting out tees for the Lakers during the Playoffs. From a couple of years back, they released the “You Can’t Beat LA” tees: This year, they released a bit more of an aggressive (but hilarious) design using the same style of typography:

  • Jordan Son of Mars

    Jordan Son of Mars

    I don’t have the money to just buy Jordans and let them sit in my closet, collecting dust; but I am still a connoisseur of Js. Especially, the: 3s, 4s and 11s–my faves. Then, come these new Son of Mars, in black/varsity red colorway. Sick! They release this Summer, June 2012 with a MSRP of…

  • Undefeated 2011 Holiday Tees

    Diggin’ the typography design on these shirts from Undefeated’s Holiday line.

  • Got Knockaround, Then Kicked It

    Got Knockaround, Then Kicked It

    These are dope! I heard about this brand for quite a while now but never got to checking them out first hand till recently.