Got Knockaround, Then Kicked It

These are dope! I heard about this brand for quite a while now but never got to checking them out first hand till recently.

You ever go on a trip, find yourself in need of some shades, and buy those plastic ones from the gas station or market? Well… these are way better—way better.

What they make out for great quality, they also compliment with a great price. These Premiums, pictured above, are only $14. They fit most face contours out there so its a minimal risk of your face rejecting it if you order them online. Each pair is marked inside the right temple with the Knockaround mantra: “ACE ON BASE”. ((Read more about the company and its mantra here.)) Also, on the left-outside temple of the shades is the company’s “Knockaround” mark. Big enough to show everyone what you are rockin’ while on your feet, chillin’ or cruisin’ the streets.

Ben Epstein couldn’t have said it any better, “stick with the classics.” In this case, for me, the Premiums.

Here’s some unboxing product shots when I received my Black/Sunset Premiums:


Knockaround Shades - Black/Sunset

And of course, here’s a comparison of how it looks through these Sunset lens below (left w/o, right is with). I took both on the iPhone 4 with HDR.
Knockaround - Sunset lens view comparison

Other than that, support the brand from sunny San Diego. You know you can’t go wrong when your 1-year old nephew rocks ’em with a big smile on his face:
Sunset Shades

Website & online shop:
Twitter: @knockaround

PS. These Purple & Gold Smokes should probably be on every Laker fans’ list out there: