Got Knockaround, Then Kicked It

These are dope! I heard about this brand for quite a while now but nev­er got to check­ing them out first hand till recent­ly.

You ever go on a trip, find your­self in need of some shades, and buy those plas­tic ones from the gas sta­tion or mar­ket? Well… these are way better—way bet­ter.

What they make out for great qual­i­ty, they also com­pli­ment with a great price. These Pre­mi­ums, pic­tured above, are only $14. They fit most face con­tours out there so its a min­i­mal risk of your face reject­ing it if you order them online. Each pair is marked inside the right tem­ple with the Knockaround mantra: “ACE ON BASE”.1 Also, on the left-out­side tem­ple of the shades is the com­pa­ny’s “Knockaround” mark. Big enough to show every­one what you are rockin’ while on your feet, chill­in’ or cruisin’ the streets.

Ben Epstein could­n’t have said it any bet­ter, “stick with the clas­sics.” In this case, for me, the Pre­mi­ums.

Here’s some unbox­ing prod­uct shots when I received my Black/Sunset Pre­mi­ums:

Knockaround Shades - Black/Sunset

And of course, here’s a com­par­i­son of how it looks through these Sun­set lens below (left w/o, right is with). I took both on the iPhone 4 with HDR.
Knockaround - Sunset lens view comparison

Oth­er than that, sup­port the brand from sun­ny San Diego. You know you can’t go wrong when your 1‑year old nephew rocks ’em with a big smile on his face:
Sunset Shades

Web­site & online shop:
Twit­ter: @knockaround

PS. These Pur­ple & Gold Smokes should prob­a­bly be on every Lak­er fans’ list out there:

  1. Read more about the com­pa­ny and its mantra here. []

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