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  • Undefeated x Red Wings

    Undefeated x Red Wings

    It seems Red Wing boots are available now at all UNDFTD Chapter and Web stores. The price is standard, >$200.

  • Christian Peau Washed Leather Sneaker Boots

    Sexy. Christian Peau is a Japanese fashion house whose design is understood to bridge the gap between modern avant-garde and classical artisan-based fashion. Unlike many cutting edge Japanese designers that have emerged from the last 10 years, Peau’s is much more European in nature. His influences lie in the traditionl artisans from the early 1800s…

  • Nike Snowboard Boots Fall/Winter 2008

    It seems that Nike is set to release its Fall/Winter 2008 line of snowboard boots. They promoted their new line via some toy boots (as in the photos in this post). I wonder who Nike will get to join their team. For sure not Shaun White as he just inked a 10-year endorsement deal with…