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  • Kaiju by Nike Snowboarding

    Nike is pretty new to the Snowboard market. Here is their creative for Nike Zoom Kaiju. Click here for the direct link, or you may view it here using this link.

  • DIY Helmet Cam for Snowboarding & Skiing

    I dedicate the following video to the homie Keno for sure! Haha… He’s been thinking of doing something like this and usually holds his Powershot with his right hand while going down the slopes. The only problem with his technique is that it somewhat hinders his balance. One the other hand, the only down side…

  • Nike Snowboard Boots Fall/Winter 2008

    It seems that Nike is set to release its Fall/Winter 2008 line of snowboard boots. They promoted their new line via some toy boots (as in the photos in this post). I wonder who Nike will get to join their team. For sure not Shaun White as he just inked a 10-year endorsement deal with…

  • Mammoth Mtn. Trip Photos Up

    Caren, Jenn and I left Friday, 3/31 around 2pm.ish from SF/Alameda. With rainy weather, Friday traffic, an avalanche, bathroom-breaks, multiple road closures and detours, etc… we finally manage to arrive at Mammoth Lakes Saturday, 4/1 around 6am. Being that we only had one day to board, I didn’t even sleep after taking the 13-hour-drive shift.…

  • TheCrew Mammoth Trip 2006

    Album link.