Nike Snowboard Boots Fall/Winter 2008

It seems that Nike is set to release its Fall/Winter 2008 line of snow­board boots. They pro­mot­ed their new line via some toy boots (as in the pho­tos in this post). I won­der who Nike will get to join their team. For sure not Shaun White as he just inked a 10-year endorse­ment deal with Bur­ton ear­ly this year. That, and it’s just going to be weird see­ing him go with Nike as Bur­ton has been there since he was a lit­tle kid.

I have to give it to Nike though, they’ll prob­a­bly attract some share of the mar­ket as they are a well known brand. I just don’t know if they will attract those sea­son-rid­ers (such as myself) as I have been a brand-whore with Thir­tyT­wo in terms of snow­board boots. They are just damn com­fort­able and does what it needs to do to have me ride all day/night long.

Any­ways, time will tell if Nike’s snow­board­ing line will be a hit or miss1.

Source via Ctothe­JL.

  1. PS. Nike—if you need a tester/reviewer, I’ll be more than up for it =) []

Bay Area Ski & Snow Show

Bay Area Ski & Snow Show

Yes! I thought that I would have to miss Ski Daz­zle because I’m up in the Bay now. But alas, the same event plan­ners are com­ing to the area… at least over at South Bay.

Bay Area Ski & Snow­board Show
Fri­day, Novem­ber 11th thru Sun­day, Novem­ber 13th
@ San Jose McEnery Con­ven­tion Cen­ter — San Jose, CA

*Free Lift Tick­et
*$1,000,000 Ski & Snow­board Sale (up to 70% off on equip­ment & cloth­ing)
*Resorts, man­u­fac­tur­er reps, retail­ers, trav­el deals, acces­sories & much,
much more!

get fit, get psyched

well… today, or tonight, is the start of my “track-and-field” work­out. just came back from 24, that was dope… 11pm and not a lot of people—sweet. i did a lot of pon­der­ing on my way to the place, as well on my way back from it. one major thought that i did remem­ber was… work­ing out isn’t hard at all. its mak­ing your­self want to go, get dressed for it, and dri­ve to the place that is. after doing the work­out itself, its dri­ving back to your place, tak­ing a show­er, and calm­ing down your nerves to go to sleep. mean­while, the morn­ing after, the hard­est thing is not to be sore, or at least not to walk like it. i’m glad i got psy­ched even though it was pour­ing big-fat rain drops out­side; flash-flood warn­ing and all in the OC. tomor­row, shit—i’ll be walk­ing like a duck.

in oth­er news, the mam­moth trip left me with a sweet taste in my mouth; and mak­ing me want to get some more of it. a few sug­ges­tions have been made by peo­ple that there might be anoth­er trip or so …soon. i myself would like to go again fo’shiz­zle. that’ll be dope if i can go on the 29th of feb­ru­ary… geez, that day does­n’t come often; and how many times can you say that you board­ed on feb. 29th …you know?!?! if you would like to roll, or going to be up there some­time soon, drop a line.

from my mind to yours, …eat, drink and be mer­ry! …i mean live healthy! (too)