get fit, get psyched

well… today, or tonight, is the start of my “track-and-field” workout. just came back from 24, that was dope… 11pm and not a lot of people—sweet. i did a lot of pondering on my way to the place, as well on my way back from it. one major thought that i did remember was… working out isn’t hard at all. its making yourself want to go, get dressed for it, and drive to the place that is. after doing the workout itself, its driving back to your place, taking a shower, and calming down your nerves to go to sleep. meanwhile, the morning after, the hardest thing is not to be sore, or at least not to walk like it. i’m glad i got psyched even though it was pouring big-fat rain drops outside; flash-flood warning and all in the OC. tomorrow, shit—i’ll be walking like a duck.

in other news, the mammoth trip left me with a sweet taste in my mouth; and making me want to get some more of it. a few suggestions have been made by people that there might be another trip or so …soon. i myself would like to go again fo’shizzle. that’ll be dope if i can go on the 29th of february… geez, that day doesn’t come often; and how many times can you say that you boarded on feb. 29th …you know?!?! if you would like to roll, or going to be up there sometime soon, drop a line.

from my mind to yours, …eat, drink and be merry! …i mean live healthy! (too)