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  • TheCrew Mammoth Trip 2006

    Album link.

  • The True Un-told Chicago Story: Highlights

    This took me about a week (or so) to finally get done. Why so? You may ask. Its Chicago. Probably the jet-lag lagged and just got me a couple of days ago this week… just maybe. But who knows, its kind of like those open-ended questions that we face each day: boxers or boxer-briefs?ginger or…

  • TheCrew at Chicago

  • My Kind of Town, Chicago Is

    Photos from Chicago Trip this past Labor Day Weekend coming up shortly. Need to relax and get rid of this jet-lag. I got about 300 pics to sort through… so be patient and have a most excellent day. Good times! For now, I leave you with this pic…

  • get fit, get psyched

    well… today, or tonight, is the start of my “track-and-field” workout. just came back from 24, that was dope… 11pm and not a lot of people—sweet. i did a lot of pondering on my way to the place, as well on my way back from it. one major thought that i did remember was… working…