On Thoughts

Week-ends But Weekdays Starts

These past cou­ple of days have been totally busy at work. I actu­ally co-produced a train­ing ses­sion last Wednes­day amongst my other cowork­ers on what Web Stan­dards can pro­duce in terms of the company’s site, Military.com. It went pretty well, but I was a lit­tle upset at myself for not hav­ing enough time to plan the dry-run pre­sen­ta­tion with the Engi­neer­ing depart­ment last Tues­day. So, I decided to put in a lot of hours after work the same night.

I think I was up till 5am Wednes­day morn­ing research­ing and plan­ning the pre­sen­ta­tion, to make it really under­stand­able amongst the peers. I guess you reap what you sow, the end jus­tify the means… you get the point. Mean­while, we got a lot of good feed­backs and ques­tions from our cowork­ers, which we wanted to have and get.

I think the pre­sen­ta­tion made them re-think and re-organize their thought process and work­flow. That is good, espe­cially in the busi­ness were in—Online. You have to do things more effi­cient and think about the future. These two things hope­fully were cov­ered in our pre­sen­ta­tion. I guess we’ll see in a cou­ple of months how the seed is gonna grow. Hope­fully it pro­vides our com­pany with a good harvest.

Mean­while, as I men­tion lately in my pre­vi­ous posts, I have been bowl­ing a lot weekly. I guess this has been re-ignite with the com­pe­ti­tion I have been get­ting from Bigs lately. Its all in good fun.

I out­bowled him this past Fri­day. I had an aver­age of about 155 in 3 games. Pretty good for some­one re-hashing the way they bowl, from straight-thrower to a slide-and-hook one (or how­ever you call ‘em). But yah, bowl­ing seems to be the thing that this house­hold is cur­rently doing every week these days. Its fun and every­one can do it.

It just sucks that we have to bowl on Fri­day 11:30am because the spot, Manor Bowl in San Lean­dro, has a $10 2-hour unlim­ited bowl­ing spe­cial. So we usu­ally get home from it late, like around 2-3am. How­ever, you really can’t com­plain. The spe­cial comes with $0.50 beers and fries as well. But man, I think I only about three-fourths of it and I was buzzin’ already. So yah, I barely bowled around the 110/120 my last game because of it.

I guess from all of this, it goes to show that things might suck at one end… but it all just works out at the other. Good times.

From my mind to yours, keep your eye on the ball—concentrate, don’t procrastinate.

Casual Carpool

So today, I had the oppor­tu­nity again to hitch a ride with a com­plete stranger via “casual car­pool”. I got picked up (HA!) from a bus-stop instead of the stated pickup places on this site. I was some­what late for my reg­u­lar bus-line that takes me straight to the Trans­bay Ter­mi­nal in the city, so I just took my alter­nate route.

Any­ways, its my third time doing casual car­pool since get­ting here in the bay. Its pretty cool, just gotta make sure you get lucky with a sane per­son who can drive well. Today, I got a ride from this lady who was dri­ving a con­vert­ible. I think it might be a Miata, or some other com­pact con­vert­ible. All I know was that it can only site two.

At first I though, why was this lady pick­ing up car­pools if the car­pool here requires 3 or more. But she told me that its okay, as she can only site two in her car, includ­ing the dri­ver. So we took off from the bus-stop, and into the city.

It was cool ride. The top down, and me just try­ing to lis­ten to what she is say­ing. I think I was yelling at some parts of the ride just to get my words across the car. Mean­while, its just weird how many peo­ple do this “casual car­pool” thing. I won­der if it’ll work in LA county—or maybe not.

I don’t know… It might be hard to apply such a thing down south. Every­one pretty much dri­ves. Even peo­ple who only work a block away from their homes drive their cars. That’s prob­a­bly a rea­son why freakin’ LA has so much smog. But its just weird to see such a com­par­i­son. I guess being in LA itself war­rants the rea­son to have a car. You pretty much need it to go to most places before/to/during/after work.

Another thing that I noticed is that the pub­lic trans­porta­tion here in the Bay is bet­ter than LA’s… I’ll give them that. It is easy to get around if you don’t have a car. Only thing I don’t like is that you have to pay for a grip if you have to take your car and park in the city dur­ing a week­day. I mean, $15–30 in some places… come on!

Blah… what am I com­plain­ing about, maybe its the fact that I’m rid­ing the bus again. I rode it from 5th grade, all the way to senior year in high-school. I made that early morn­ing, hour and a half com­mute from 3rd and West­ern (in LA) all the way to the Val­ley. And man, can I tell you—it sucks ass being on any LA free­way dur­ing rush hour. Any­ways, on the lighter side of things, we can’t always get the best part of the cake. All we can do is be greate­ful that we are invited to the party so-called Life.

From my mind to yours, save the air… carpool.

The Week of Busy

Busy week last week. More than usual at least for me. It seemed that 24/7 became 8/5 and that lunch is �to-go� and at my desk. Even the free Wednes­day lunch my com­pany have every week, I took back to my desk because I needed to brain­storm some con­cept for a new cre­ative I have been put on.

Oh man, the chal­lenges we face every­day seem to be so huge that we just don�t look for a crack of sun­light amongst the foggy city of SF (lately). Yah, the weather has been gloomy in �the city� for the past week or so. Other than that, peo­ple are cool with it, and keep­ing things right than keep­ing it real.

The roomies (Bigs, Jay and Lance) are all good as well. Had the oppor­tu­nity to roll with to the DeLeon Ranch in Vacav­ille this past Sat­ur­day. One of their fam­ily friends had their engage­ment party over there. It was freakin� hot. The tem­per­a­ture soared way above the hun­dreds but it was worth the trouble.

The food was just great. I always keep say­ing it, the best food is FREE-good food. Uncle (Biggy’s dad) was play­ing match­maker the whole day. He cracks me up�he�s a good man. I just can�t believe that they found them­selves a patch of heaven in a place far away. But on the real, their ranch is nice and huge.

Mean­while, the day after, we all went to the Aloha Fes­ti­val. It was held at the Pre­sidio of SF. It was my first time there. One of the first times I heard of the word �presidio� as well (at least I thought I haven�t heard of it). But yah, here�s its definition:

A gar­ri­son, espe­cially a fortress of the kind estab­lished in the south­west United States by the Span­ish to pro­tect their hold­ings and missions.

It�s all nice over there. Too bad it was some­what foggy and chilly. How­ever, it turned out to be just right when we entered the fes­ti­val grounds. Great food, music, per­for­mances and peo­ple. Good times.

In other news, I finally found a new bowl­ing throw. My ball finally does a lit­tle hook to hit �the pocket�. I have been con­sis­tent the past cou­ple of games. I think I�m hov­er­ing on the high 150s for my aver­age lately. Not bad for com­pletely chang­ing the mechan­ics that I have had for the past 10 or so years of my bowling-life. I guess my goal is to get back my straight-ball aver­age of 180s of long ago. That�ll be nice and gravy.

Speak­ing of nice, I finally got the surge of being pro­duc­tive in terms of cre­at­ing new projects of my own. Even though I still have to start and fin­ish the Rhythm Natives site. I set a goal for myself to get it done before I roll to Chicago on Labor Day. But we�ll see, class and work just seems to take most of my time lately. It�s just a bless­ing that when I get free time, it�s either play­ing sports or just relax­ing with the peeps.

From my mind to yours, just do it.

Freedom Working From Home

I had the oppor­tu­nity to chat with James to plan our shindig to see the Flickr staff at the Apple Store in the city (SF). Here’s the high­light of it:

james: alright..i’m gonna get ready to go
me: aite… what you have to do? put clothes on? haha
me: bastard
james: yeah

Just goes to show, some­times “work­ing” is plain “freedom”.