Week-ends But Weekdays Starts

These past cou­ple of days have been total­ly busy at work. I actu­al­ly co-pro­duced a train­ing ses­sion last Wednes­day amongst my oth­er cowork­ers on what Web Stan­dards can pro­duce in terms of the com­pa­ny’s site, Military.com. It went pret­ty well, but I was a lit­tle upset at myself for not hav­ing enough time to plan the dry-run pre­sen­ta­tion with the Engi­neer­ing depart­ment last Tues­day. So, I decid­ed to put in a lot of hours after work the same night.

I think I was up till 5am Wednes­day morn­ing research­ing and plan­ning the pre­sen­ta­tion, to make it real­ly under­stand­able amongst the peers. I guess you reap what you sow, the end jus­ti­fy the means… you get the point. Mean­while, we got a lot of good feed­backs and ques­tions from our cowork­ers, which we want­ed to have and get.

I think the pre­sen­ta­tion made them re-think and re-orga­nize their thought process and work­flow. That is good, espe­cial­ly in the busi­ness were in—Online. You have to do things more effi­cient and think about the future. These two things hope­ful­ly were cov­ered in our pre­sen­ta­tion. I guess we’ll see in a cou­ple of months how the seed is gonna grow. Hope­ful­ly it pro­vides our com­pa­ny with a good har­vest.

Mean­while, as I men­tion late­ly in my pre­vi­ous posts, I have been bowl­ing a lot week­ly. I guess this has been re-ignite with the com­pe­ti­tion I have been get­ting from Bigs late­ly. Its all in good fun.

I out­bowled him this past Fri­day. I had an aver­age of about 155 in 3 games. Pret­ty good for some­one re-hash­ing the way they bowl, from straight-throw­er to a slide-and-hook one (or how­ev­er you call ’em). But yah, bowl­ing seems to be the thing that this house­hold is cur­rent­ly doing every week these days. Its fun and every­one can do it.

It just sucks that we have to bowl on Fri­day 11:30am because the spot, Manor Bowl in San Lean­dro, has a $10 2‑hour unlim­it­ed bowl­ing spe­cial. So we usu­al­ly get home from it late, like around 2–3am. How­ev­er, you real­ly can’t com­plain. The spe­cial comes with $0.50 beers and fries as well. But man, I think I only about three-fourths of it and I was buzzin’ already. So yah, I bare­ly bowled around the 110/120 my last game because of it.

I guess from all of this, it goes to show that things might suck at one end… but it all just works out at the oth­er. Good times.

From my mind to yours, keep your eye on the ball—concentrate, don’t pro­cras­ti­nate.

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