Week-ends But Weekdays Starts

These past couple of days have been totally busy at work. I actually co-produced a training session last Wednesday amongst my other coworkers on what Web Standards can produce in terms of the company’s site, Military.com. It went pretty well, but I was a little upset at myself for not having enough time to plan the dry-run presentation with the Engineering department last Tuesday. So, I decided to put in a lot of hours after work the same night.

I think I was up till 5am Wednesday morning researching and planning the presentation, to make it really understandable amongst the peers. I guess you reap what you sow, the end justify the means… you get the point. Meanwhile, we got a lot of good feedbacks and questions from our coworkers, which we wanted to have and get.

I think the presentation made them re-think and re-organize their thought process and workflow. That is good, especially in the business were in—Online. You have to do things more efficient and think about the future. These two things hopefully were covered in our presentation. I guess we’ll see in a couple of months how the seed is gonna grow. Hopefully it provides our company with a good harvest.

Meanwhile, as I mention lately in my previous posts, I have been bowling a lot weekly. I guess this has been re-ignite with the competition I have been getting from Bigs lately. Its all in good fun.

I outbowled him this past Friday. I had an average of about 155 in 3 games. Pretty good for someone re-hashing the way they bowl, from straight-thrower to a slide-and-hook one (or however you call ’em). But yah, bowling seems to be the thing that this household is currently doing every week these days. Its fun and everyone can do it.

It just sucks that we have to bowl on Friday 11:30am because the spot, Manor Bowl in San Leandro, has a $10 2-hour unlimited bowling special. So we usually get home from it late, like around 2-3am. However, you really can’t complain. The special comes with $0.50 beers and fries as well. But man, I think I only about three-fourths of it and I was buzzin’ already. So yah, I barely bowled around the 110/120 my last game because of it.

I guess from all of this, it goes to show that things might suck at one end… but it all just works out at the other. Good times.

From my mind to yours, keep your eye on the ball—concentrate, don’t procrastinate.