The Week of Busy

Busy week last week. More than usual at least for me. It seemed that 24/7 became 8/5 and that lunch is �to-go� and at my desk. Even the free Wednesday lunch my company have every week, I took back to my desk because I needed to brainstorm some concept for a new creative I have been put on.

Oh man, the challenges we face everyday seem to be so huge that we just don�t look for a crack of sunlight amongst the foggy city of SF (lately). Yah, the weather has been gloomy in �the city� for the past week or so. Other than that, people are cool with it, and keeping things right than keeping it real.

The roomies (Bigs, Jay and Lance) are all good as well. Had the opportunity to roll with to the DeLeon Ranch in Vacaville this past Saturday. One of their family friends had their engagement party over there. It was freakin� hot. The temperature soared way above the hundreds but it was worth the trouble.

The food was just great. I always keep saying it, the best food is FREE-good food. Uncle (Biggy’s dad) was playing matchmaker the whole day. He cracks me up�he�s a good man. I just can�t believe that they found themselves a patch of heaven in a place far away. But on the real, their ranch is nice and huge.

Meanwhile, the day after, we all went to the Aloha Festival. It was held at the Presidio of SF. It was my first time there. One of the first times I heard of the word �presidio� as well (at least I thought I haven�t heard of it). But yah, here�s its definition:

A garrison, especially a fortress of the kind established in the southwest United States by the Spanish to protect their holdings and missions.

It�s all nice over there. Too bad it was somewhat foggy and chilly. However, it turned out to be just right when we entered the festival grounds. Great food, music, performances and people. Good times.

In other news, I finally found a new bowling throw. My ball finally does a little hook to hit �the pocket�. I have been consistent the past couple of games. I think I�m hovering on the high 150s for my average lately. Not bad for completely changing the mechanics that I have had for the past 10 or so years of my bowling-life. I guess my goal is to get back my straight-ball average of 180s of long ago. That�ll be nice and gravy.

Speaking of nice, I finally got the surge of being productive in terms of creating new projects of my own. Even though I still have to start and finish the Rhythm Natives site. I set a goal for myself to get it done before I roll to Chicago on Labor Day. But we�ll see, class and work just seems to take most of my time lately. It�s just a blessing that when I get free time, it�s either playing sports or just relaxing with the peeps.

From my mind to yours, just do it.