The Week of Busy

Busy week last week. More than usu­al at least for me. It seemed that 24/7 became 8/5 and that lunch is �to-go� and at my desk. Even the free Wednes­day lunch my com­pa­ny have every week, I took back to my desk because I need­ed to brain­storm some con­cept for a new cre­ative I have been put on.

Oh man, the chal­lenges we face every­day seem to be so huge that we just don�t look for a crack of sun­light amongst the fog­gy city of SF (late­ly). Yah, the weath­er has been gloomy in �the city� for the past week or so. Oth­er than that, peo­ple are cool with it, and keep­ing things right than keep­ing it real.

The roomies (Bigs, Jay and Lance) are all good as well. Had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to roll with to the DeLeon Ranch in Vacav­ille this past Sat­ur­day. One of their fam­i­ly friends had their engage­ment par­ty over there. It was freakin� hot. The tem­per­a­ture soared way above the hun­dreds but it was worth the trou­ble.

The food was just great. I always keep say­ing it, the best food is FREE-good food. Uncle (Big­gy’s dad) was play­ing match­mak­er the whole day. He cracks me up�he�s a good man. I just can�t believe that they found them­selves a patch of heav­en in a place far away. But on the real, their ranch is nice and huge.

Mean­while, the day after, we all went to the Alo­ha Fes­ti­val. It was held at the Pre­sidio of SF. It was my first time there. One of the first times I heard of the word �presidio� as well (at least I thought I haven�t heard of it). But yah, here�s its def­i­n­i­tion:

A gar­ri­son, espe­cial­ly a fortress of the kind estab­lished in the south­west Unit­ed States by the Span­ish to pro­tect their hold­ings and mis­sions.

It�s all nice over there. Too bad it was some­what fog­gy and chilly. How­ev­er, it turned out to be just right when we entered the fes­ti­val grounds. Great food, music, per­for­mances and peo­ple. Good times.

In oth­er news, I final­ly found a new bowl­ing throw. My ball final­ly does a lit­tle hook to hit �the pocket�. I have been con­sis­tent the past cou­ple of games. I think I�m hov­er­ing on the high 150s for my aver­age late­ly. Not bad for com­plete­ly chang­ing the mechan­ics that I have had for the past 10 or so years of my bowl­ing-life. I guess my goal is to get back my straight-ball aver­age of 180s of long ago. That�ll be nice and gravy.

Speak­ing of nice, I final­ly got the surge of being pro­duc­tive in terms of cre­at­ing new projects of my own. Even though I still have to start and fin­ish the Rhythm Natives site. I set a goal for myself to get it done before I roll to Chica­go on Labor Day. But we�ll see, class and work just seems to take most of my time late­ly. It�s just a bless­ing that when I get free time, it�s either play­ing sports or just relax­ing with the peeps.

From my mind to yours, just do it.