On Thoughts


I’ll be some­what on a hia­tus with blog entries till Novem­ber. Its not that long so don’t wor­ry (be hap­py). I need to take some­time off to try and fin­ish the fron­tend of this site, as well as start some oth­er projects cur­rent­ly in the back-burn­er.

Oh yah, just FYI… I’ll be down in SoCal for sure 11/23–11/28 and 12/23–1/2/06. “Excuse me… Could you pen­cil me in?” =)

Can’t Believe I’m Playing for the Giants

Any­ways, I got one “offi­cial” soft­ball team that I’m in on Sun­day after­noon-night over at Daly City’s West­lake Park. I say “offi­cial” because I actu­al­ly paid. This time I ain’t some­one named “Kyle” or “Stephen” but just lil ‘ol me. Anoth­er dope thing about this league is the online-stats!

Check it out baby! All-star =)

PS. Just in case some­one views this in the future and I don’t get the plays I want… as of 9/30/05: I am 4‑for‑6 with a 0.667 bat­ting aver­age and 3 runs scored.

Seven O’ Clock, On the Dot

My alarm just came on. This thing (cell) is loud “peri­od.” It played that “Hel­lo Moto” tune. Thank god I put it right next to me as I just reach towards the sound and pressed the snooze but­ton suc­cess­ful­ly.

I think it prob­a­bly took me two “snoozes” to final­ly get up, show­er up and head towards the West Oak­land BART sta­tion. Then, hopped on the SFO/Mill­brae-bound train around 8:20am. For what? What else—for work.

Oh what sweet fun it’ll be being on stand­by and test­ing for any­thing fishy on the net­work. Mean­while, I think I just tast­ed the best bagels ever on a Sat­ur­day morn­ing. I guess its just been a long time since I got up this ear­ly on a Sat­ur­day that any food is real­ly good.

Not to men­tion, a bit over 6 hours ago, we were just bowl­ing over at Manor Bowl (San Lean­dro, 11:30pm‑1:30am). I think I got buzzed of a $0.50 cup of beer. Yah, I know… light-weight. It’s prob­a­bly because I did­n’t get to eat any­thing for din­ner. I just went home and took a nap straight from work. Maybe that or, I’m just aller­gic and light-weight. *sigh*

Fun this day ought to be. I hope every­thing here goes well so we can roll over to some place for lunch—FREE lunch! Hope­ful­ly, it does­n’t take that long to do our (Engi­neer­ing) thing. I real­ly want to go over to Kruise Park for some pick­up-soft­ball games.

From my mind to yours, carpe diem.

Two Patrons in a Minute

OMG! Nev­er again. Last time I take two shots in less than a minute. I could­n’t feel my legs… “I can’t feel my legs!!!” Thanks to those that chilled at For­bid­den City. The place was cool. Also thanks goes out to Sanam­lu­ang for being such a good Thai restau­rant. It hit the spot.

Oh yah, if you ever par­ty over at For­bid­den City, look for Christi­na. Shes one cool bar­tender. She’ll take care of you for the whole night. Oth­er than that, peace, good health and good times!