Seven O’ Clock, On the Dot

My alarm just came on. This thing (cell) is loud “period.” It played that “Hello Moto” tune. Thank god I put it right next to me as I just reach towards the sound and pressed the snooze button successfully.

I think it probably took me two “snoozes” to finally get up, shower up and head towards the West Oakland BART station. Then, hopped on the SFO/Millbrae-bound train around 8:20am. For what? What else—for work.

Oh what sweet fun it’ll be being on standby and testing for anything fishy on the network. Meanwhile, I think I just tasted the best bagels ever on a Saturday morning. I guess its just been a long time since I got up this early on a Saturday that any food is really good.

Not to mention, a bit over 6 hours ago, we were just bowling over at Manor Bowl (San Leandro, 11:30pm-1:30am). I think I got buzzed of a $0.50 cup of beer. Yah, I know… light-weight. It’s probably because I didn’t get to eat anything for dinner. I just went home and took a nap straight from work. Maybe that or, I’m just allergic and light-weight. *sigh*

Fun this day ought to be. I hope everything here goes well so we can roll over to some place for lunch—FREE lunch! Hopefully, it doesn’t take that long to do our (Engineering) thing. I really want to go over to Kruise Park for some pickup-softball games.

From my mind to yours, carpe diem.