Category: Thoughts

  • Picking a Domain Name

    So I’m in the market to grab a domain name for this blog site. Here’s what Lou had to say about my picks: lou (5:29:22 PM): yeah…be even without the story it sounds like a cool domain name lou (5:29:40 PM): it has more “wow factor” than wowsers…even though wowsers has the word “wow” in…

  • Las Vegas Trip For Tony’s Team PI

    …album link

  • Experimenting With Flickr Gallery

    Did I tell you that Flickr is sooo cool?!?! I’m trying to integrate and pull the images from Flickr, and have them posted in my blog template and/or site. Here’s what I came up with so far. Let me know what you think. Thanks =)

  • Me On Saving Money

    Oh man… Sometimes I just forget to think, and go with “the force”. Jenn was IMing me to check out which laptop I recommend for her to get. So yah, it’ll prolly be a Dell 600m or 700m (but its still being thought of). Meanwhile… me (8:50:54 PM): you buying one? …just save money, and…