Casual Carpool

So today, I had the opportunity again to hitch a ride with a complete stranger via “casual carpool”. I got picked up (HA!) from a bus-stop instead of the stated pickup places on this site. I was somewhat late for my regular bus-line that takes me straight to the Transbay Terminal in the city, so I just took my alternate route.

Anyways, its my third time doing casual carpool since getting here in the bay. Its pretty cool, just gotta make sure you get lucky with a sane person who can drive well. Today, I got a ride from this lady who was driving a convertible. I think it might be a Miata, or some other compact convertible. All I know was that it can only site two.

At first I though, why was this lady picking up carpools if the carpool here requires 3 or more. But she told me that its okay, as she can only site two in her car, including the driver. So we took off from the bus-stop, and into the city.

It was cool ride. The top down, and me just trying to listen to what she is saying. I think I was yelling at some parts of the ride just to get my words across the car. Meanwhile, its just weird how many people do this “casual carpool” thing. I wonder if it’ll work in LA county—or maybe not.

I don’t know… It might be hard to apply such a thing down south. Everyone pretty much drives. Even people who only work a block away from their homes drive their cars. That’s probably a reason why freakin’ LA has so much smog. But its just weird to see such a comparison. I guess being in LA itself warrants the reason to have a car. You pretty much need it to go to most places before/to/during/after work.

Another thing that I noticed is that the public transportation here in the Bay is better than LA’s… I’ll give them that. It is easy to get around if you don’t have a car. Only thing I don’t like is that you have to pay for a grip if you have to take your car and park in the city during a weekday. I mean, $15-30 in some places… come on!

Blah… what am I complaining about, maybe its the fact that I’m riding the bus again. I rode it from 5th grade, all the way to senior year in high-school. I made that early morning, hour and a half commute from 3rd and Western (in LA) all the way to the Valley. And man, can I tell you—it sucks ass being on any LA freeway during rush hour. Anyways, on the lighter side of things, we can’t always get the best part of the cake. All we can do is be greateful that we are invited to the party so-called Life.

From my mind to yours, save the air… carpool.