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City Transit Line Posters

In the cel­e­bra­tion of design and rep­re­sent­ing the city you love and/or have affin­i­ty for, here are some city tran­sit line posters designed by the duo: Cay­la Fer­ari (graph­ic design­er) and John Breznicky (engi­neer).

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Seems that BART went out of ser­vice tonight. I was walk­ing towards the Trans­bay Termnial when I saw a long line going all the way out of it. You can tell that they need­ed tick­ets or some­thing of that sort. Thank God I did­n’t for­get my pass today or I would’ve total­ly been there all night.

It’s weird though… I guess they all did­n’t have any change to pay the fare—in the bus. It just goes to show that every­one don’t car­ry cash any­more. Any­ways, BART is all about safe­ty. Though it caused a lot of peo­ple some grief and delays on their way home, we just got­ta be glad that there are oth­er ways out to the East Bay.

SFGate.com arti­cle about the halt

(03–29) 18:55 PST SAN FRANCISCOBART ser­vice is resum­ing after a near­ly 90-minute shut­down caused by a com­put­er net­work­ing prob­lem.

BART stopped reg­u­lar ser­vice after the prob­lem hit at 5:27 p.m., mov­ing all trains under man­u­al con­trol to the near­est sta­tion. Sys­tem offi­cials said trains had resumed about 6:50 p.m.

BART spokesman Lin­ton John­son said the prob­lem was dif­fer­ent from the soft­ware glitch that plagued the sys­tem Tues­day, but had the same effect — a ser­vice shut­down.

Casual Carpool

So today, I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty again to hitch a ride with a com­plete stranger via “casu­al car­pool”. I got picked up (HA!) from a bus-stop instead of the stat­ed pick­up places on this site. I was some­what late for my reg­u­lar bus-line that takes me straight to the Trans­bay Ter­mi­nal in the city, so I just took my alter­nate route.

Any­ways, its my third time doing casu­al car­pool since get­ting here in the bay. Its pret­ty cool, just got­ta make sure you get lucky with a sane per­son who can dri­ve well. Today, I got a ride from this lady who was dri­ving a con­vert­ible. I think it might be a Mia­ta, or some oth­er com­pact con­vert­ible. All I know was that it can only site two.

At first I though, why was this lady pick­ing up car­pools if the car­pool here requires 3 or more. But she told me that its okay, as she can only site two in her car, includ­ing the dri­ver. So we took off from the bus-stop, and into the city.

It was cool ride. The top down, and me just try­ing to lis­ten to what she is say­ing. I think I was yelling at some parts of the ride just to get my words across the car. Mean­while, its just weird how many peo­ple do this “casu­al car­pool” thing. I won­der if it’ll work in LA county—or maybe not.

I don’t know… It might be hard to apply such a thing down south. Every­one pret­ty much dri­ves. Even peo­ple who only work a block away from their homes dri­ve their cars. That’s prob­a­bly a rea­son why freakin’ LA has so much smog. But its just weird to see such a com­par­i­son. I guess being in LA itself war­rants the rea­son to have a car. You pret­ty much need it to go to most places before/to/during/after work.

Anoth­er thing that I noticed is that the pub­lic trans­porta­tion here in the Bay is bet­ter than LA’s… I’ll give them that. It is easy to get around if you don’t have a car. Only thing I don’t like is that you have to pay for a grip if you have to take your car and park in the city dur­ing a week­day. I mean, $15–30 in some places… come on!

Blah… what am I com­plain­ing about, maybe its the fact that I’m rid­ing the bus again. I rode it from 5th grade, all the way to senior year in high-school. I made that ear­ly morn­ing, hour and a half com­mute from 3rd and West­ern (in LA) all the way to the Val­ley. And man, can I tell you—it sucks ass being on any LA free­way dur­ing rush hour. Any­ways, on the lighter side of things, we can’t always get the best part of the cake. All we can do is be greate­ful that we are invit­ed to the par­ty so-called Life.

From my mind to yours, save the air… car­pool.