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  • City Transit Line Posters

    City Transit Line Posters

    In the celebration of design and representing the city you love and/or have affinity for, here are some city transit line posters designed by the duo: Cayla Ferari (graphic designer) and John Breznicky (engineer).


    Seems that BART went out of service tonight. I was walking towards the Transbay Termnial when I saw a long line going all the way out of it. You can tell that they needed tickets or something of that sort. Thank God I didn’t forget my pass today or I would’ve totally been there all…

  • Casual Carpool

    So today, I had the opportunity again to hitch a ride with a complete stranger via “casual carpool”. I got picked up (HA!) from a bus-stop instead of the stated pickup places on this site. I was somewhat late for my regular bus-line that takes me straight to the Transbay Terminal in the city, so…