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  • Flickr, Flick and Share

    Flickr, Flick and Share

    I’ve been a long-time Flickr user and fan ever since getting into Photography. It’s been more than 5-years since I’ve joined, and to this day, I still consider it (hands down) the best photo sharing site out there. It keeps it simple and just makes it easy for people to do what they want to…

  • Nightmares Fear Factory

    Nightmares Fear Factory

    This is probably one of the latest, best things I’ve had the opportunity to see on Flickr.

  • How-to Map Photos on Flickr with Pinpoint Accuracy

    It seems that I haven’t (in the time of writing) added a geolocation to one of my favorite photographs, as well as Life-moments. Truly a “Breathless Balcony.” Taken on the third day of a recent Inka Trail trek at Intipata in Peru. Meanwhile, back to the subject. If we’re talking about Flickr, Yahoo! comes to…

  • Ode to Flight

    I decided to do a quick experiment using my Canon Powershot SD880 camera. I documented my flight from Burbank to Oakland this past Sunday night. I know its an everyday thing now since its been part of society since the early 20th century but its just crazy covering 350 miles in just an hour. The…

  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays! 2008 Card, originally uploaded by stechico. May you and your family have a safe and great Holiday!