How-to Map Photos on Flickr with Pinpoint Accuracy

It seems that I haven’t (in the time of writing) added a geolocation to one of my favorite photographs, as well as Life-moments.

Breathless Balcony

Truly a “Breathless Balcony.” Taken on the third day of a recent Inka Trail trek at Intipata in Peru.

Meanwhile, back to the subject. If we’re talking about Flickr, Yahoo! comes to mind. The only thing that sucks about mapping on Flickr is the limited coverage and subpar details of Yahoo! Maps (in this case). You get results like these:

This is where the application of iTouchMap (Latitude & Longitude page) proves very useful. That, and it uses better mapping via Google Maps. Check it out:

With just the keyword “intipata” I was given specific coordinates and the correct visual map for the place. It checks out with what I remember about the area from memory (it was very close to Wiñaywayna). Noting the coordinates for the latitude and longitude of Intipata (respectively), we head back to our photo’s Flickr page, and just put our photo on a map. It can be anywhere for now.

We then click on “Organize & Create” on the main menu.

Bring up your photograph’s extra details by clicking on “Edit Item” (once you have it up on the map). You’ll have something like the following:

Click/select “Location” on the tab-menu up top the lightbox/floating window. You’ll notice that there’s 2 input boxes for latitude and longitude. We then input the right coordinates via the iTouchMap results and ‘save’ our changes.

There you have it… you just mapped a photograph on Flickr with pinpoint accuracy.

I hope that helps, and safe travels. Cheers!