How-to Map Photos on Flickr with Pinpoint Accuracy

It seems that I haven’t (in the time of writ­ing) added a geolo­ca­tion to one of my favorite pho­tographs, as well as Life-moments.

Breathless Balcony

Tru­ly a “Breath­less Bal­cony.” Tak­en on the third day of a recent Inka Trail trek at Intipa­ta in Peru.

Mean­while, back to the sub­ject. If we’re talk­ing about Flickr, Yahoo! comes to mind. The only thing that sucks about map­ping on Flickr is the lim­it­ed cov­er­age and sub­par details of Yahoo! Maps (in this case). You get results like these:

This is where the appli­ca­tion of iTouchMap (Lat­i­tude & Lon­gi­tude page) proves very use­ful. That, and it uses bet­ter map­ping via Google Maps. Check it out:

With just the key­word “intipa­ta” I was giv­en spe­cif­ic coor­di­nates and the cor­rect visu­al map for the place. It checks out with what I remem­ber about the area from mem­o­ry (it was very close to Wiñay­way­na). Not­ing the coor­di­nates for the lat­i­tude and lon­gi­tude of Intipa­ta (respec­tive­ly), we head back to our pho­to’s Flickr page, and just put our pho­to on a map. It can be any­where for now.

We then click on “Orga­nize & Cre­ate” on the main menu.

Bring up your pho­tograph’s extra details by click­ing on “Edit Item” (once you have it up on the map). You’ll have some­thing like the fol­low­ing:

Click/select “Loca­tion” on the tab-menu up top the lightbox/floating win­dow. You’ll notice that there’s 2 input box­es for lat­i­tude and lon­gi­tude. We then input the right coor­di­nates via the iTouchMap results and ‘save’ our changes.

There you have it… you just mapped a pho­to­graph on Flickr with pin­point accu­ra­cy.

I hope that helps, and safe trav­els. Cheers!

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